Yeah Racing TT02 Adjustable motor mount Review

One of the good things about the TT02 is that the default motor mount makes it easy for most people to properly mesh the gears. However, ...

One of the good things about the TT02 is that the default motor mount makes it easy for most people to properly mesh the gears.
However, this restricts the options for the driver, especially when you purchase the Tamiya 54500 TT02 high speed gear set (Review here) it soon becomes apparent that with a little more flexibility for the gearing would be fantastic if you want to really get more serious about racing the car, especially in classes such as 21.5 or 17.5 blinky.

Luckily Yeah Racing have come up with their adjustable motor mount hop-up. There are two main benefits, completely free gearing choices, and also the mount is aluminium so is stronger, and more efficient at dissipating the heat from the motor.

So lets take a look

The  package comes with hex screws and a washer to allow you to cleanly mount the top part of the motor, the finish is good and the screws are strong.

Fitting the mount.

You need to fit the bottom screw into the motor first, and tighten it but still leave a small gap so you can rotate the motor. Then add the top screw and washer, and again tighten them down but allow them to slip.

You then need to fit your pinion on the motor
Now as you can see you can then move the motor across to mesh it. I am using a 49t 64dp pinion in the picture above.

Once you are are happy with the mesh you need to just pop your hex driver through the rear arms and tighten the mesh. It can be a little tricky to see the meshing, so take your time. Then lift up the motor in its mount, tighten the lower screw, place it back in the car and fix the 2 screws in underneath the mount. (A Feature I really like about the TT02 to ensure no motor flex on the drivetrain.

When meshing the gears, if you put a small piece of plastic carrier bag between the pinion and spur, and then tighten up the motor. Once you pull it out you will have meshed it well, so that it wont be excessively pushing against the spur gear and making your car run hot / inefficiently. 

Final result

Here is the final result, a car that is geared nice and low for blinky. As you can see you can fit a potentially larger pinion / Spur combination. You do have to consider the spur protector. I will look at other combinations in the future. If you have any that work for you please let us know by posting a comment here on on our Facebook page.


I took the car out to race outside, and the mount was superb, I was now able to gear my car how I wanted to at the track (FYI I actually ran a higher FDR than this pic as I fitted a 13.5t motor). The alloy mount was sturdy and I had no issues with it all day.


This is a great hop-up and combined with the TT02 high speed gear set you are on the way to having a flexible club racer. Top stuff!

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  1. I've got this mount. My TT02 has full bearings, an Orca 17.5 brushless set to 0 degrees timing and a HW Xtreme Stock ESC. Running blinky mode with a 49t 64dp pinion and an 88t spur I does seem dog slow. Drivetrain feels really tight too, when I come off the throttle it damn near stops within less than a metre. Surely that can't be right? I can't find any obvious signs of binding either.

  2. That's strange. It must be binding somewhere. Have you tried taking the pinion off and pushing the car on a fat surface? That will confirm if its the drive train. If its fine, then check that the pinion is not rubbing the top of the plastic motor mount cover etc (some pinion makes are slightly larger than others), if its rubbing the just dremel a little of the plastic out

  3. Also check you are not meshing the gears too tightly. Some pit a piece of carrier bag between the spur and pinion to line it up and then pull the plastic out.

    Once you are happy that its running free mechanically. Check the drag brake settings on the esc (I have between 0-5 only)

    Then if running blinky I would adjust the motor timing for more speed.

    Hope that helps



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