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(Check out the TRF419 in-depth build and review (Above) follow this link) So with the TRF419 being announced there has been a lot of di...

(Check out the TRF419 in-depth build and review (Above) follow this link)

So with the TRF419 being announced there has been a lot of different reactions on most of the forums. The biggest one is the surprise that Tamiya has already changed the model number as most chassis versions have been around for at least a few years.

As is usually the case, the main change that usually warrants a chassis number is major revisions to the bulkheads, usually so that the diffs are different widths and not directly compatible (not height as many revisions of TRF's have different bulkhead heights and screw fixings).

I have been send the following pic that shows the new motor mount properly, it seems to be totally separate from the rear spur mount.

Here is one of the other side from Marc's facebook page.

And here is another snapshot from a NDL video (Source here) also show more of the rear spur gear mount, and the revised rear split blocks. (Pic rip from Metalnut of Rctech)

Here is a picture from Simmi on RcTech

Most of the other parts look exactly the same as the TRF418. This car could well be a 418 with prototype parts.

It is also difficult to see, but we can safely assume the new diff is installed on these cars that Skiddins has reported gave the team an improved lap time instantly.

Obviously the TRF team are really pushing to give their drivers the best possible chance for the Worlds this year.

Personally as someone that races my car on Carpet with a 17.5 motor I have found the TRF418 with its stiff chassis a great car for me, providing me with my longest ever winning spree especially as I can make it stiffer by attaching the top deck to the spur mount if I want a really stiff car. This new car will not allow me to do that, as it seems to be more focused on working on asphalt.

Still its a new TRF, so what can I do other than start saving! What do you think of the new change?

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