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TRF420 Kumamon edition :)

Something appeared that raised a smile. Anyone that follows this site knows that as much as I like racing my Tamiya’s I enjoy their quir...


Tamiya TRF420 Tips and tricks - Reliablity

The Tamiya TRF420 Tamiya race chassis has impressed me with how it has constantly delivered. I've beaten some personal bests thanks t...


RugRacers Round 4 2019-2020

This was epic, with the NEW style corners made by none other Mike (Marmite) Cooke our chief track designer, and with these a great flowing ...


Dominik Ruf ETS Daun TQ Tamiya TRF420 Race report and set-up

Anyone at round 2 of  the ETS at Daun would have witnessed a lot of great racing at a very technical and demanding track. As you would ex...


47439 Tamiya TT02 Type-SR Manual Download

Click Image to download The TT-02 Type-SR looks like it is going to be the ultimate TT02 for racers with a great specification at a com...


54926 Tamiya TT02 Lower Deck (Hard / Black) Review

The previous TT02 hard chassis were a limited release part, and have been very hard to source over the last three years. Thankfully Ta...


Tamiya Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020 exclusive photos and information

Here is our look at the RC models on the Tamiya stand at the 2020 Toy fair. As you would expect from Tamiya there is a wide range of rele...


ZooRacing ZR-0009 Baybee shell info photos

It is hard to dispute how disruptive ZooRacing has been in the 1/10 onroad scene. In 2019 you would be hard pressed to not see one (or ...


Bittydesign Hyper 1/10 bodyshell review

The Hyper is Bittydesign's competitor in the new era of high downforce bodies. As you would expect with the Italian bodyshell gurus...


54887 Tamiya TRF420 toe control rear suspension set Info and guide

Tamiya have release photos and info on the new toe Control Rear suspension set. I have used these before and had a prototype working. Bu...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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