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Tamiya TRF415 Next Generation! Project kick off

The possibility of getting to the racetrack soon has given me a bit of a boost to look at some of my more racing focussed projects. One of t...


The Zerotribe Conversion Kits Tamiya TRF420 Exciting news

The hotly anticipated Tamiya TRF420 Zerotribe Conversion Kit [Zetricks] for the is out! However there is not one, but two conversion kits av...


42336 Tamiya TRF Setting Board Review

After a very long hiatus it looks like I might be able to get to the track again soon. So I thought for once I might actually be prepared fo...


58693 1/10 RC TA08 PRO Chassis Kit Full detailed Tamiya info and photos

Lots of new official detailed information from Tamiya is now available. I am getting more excited about this chassis every day :) Let's ...


58693 New Tamiya TA08 Photos and detailed analysis

Tamiya had a live presentation video today to launch the exciting new TA08. We all got to see more details on the chassis. Here are a select...


58693 Tamiya TA08 Pro official photos and info

Tamiya have released the official images and photos of the new TA08 pro which will be coming soon. It is not going to be a surprise to anyon...


New Tamiya Touring chassis TA08? sneak preview and first info

Tamiya has given a sneak preview of its exciting new mid range racing chassis coming soon. It looks very much like a mix of the TC-01 and TA...


54799 Tamiya TT-02 High torque Servo saver Review and tips

The steering on the TT-02 when build properly is very free, however the kit servo saver can flex under load. This will result in the steerin...


49255 Tamiya TRF414M World championship replica Build and Review Part 1

We recently took in a  retrospective review of the TRF414 .  The TRF414 increased the momentum that Tamiya had began with the TRF414X and it...


Tamiya T3-01 and why its great!

One of the kits that I always come back to is the Tamiya T3-01. I reviewed the Dancing rider and loved it back in April 2018. To me this is...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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