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54849 Tamiya Aluminum Wing Washers Review

Us Tamiya racers know that the shiny blue that emits from our chassis is the best looking anodising amongst the rainbow of colours in the...


42345 Tamiya TRF420 manual download

The manual is now online so you can take a look at what is involved in the TRF420 build. Some nice little things are revealed here. Click on...


Team Associated withdraw from onroad?

Rumours are around that Team Associated are withdrawing from all onroad classes. That includes 1/10 onroad, F1 and 1/12 pan car. If true ...


Video of the Tamiya Stand at the All Japan Hobby and Model fair 2019

Here is a video of the Tamiya kits at the Hobbyshow. A nice hands on with the TRF420 and a very close look at some of the new parts. Also...


Tamiya TRF420 detailed built photos

Tamiya USA has posted some great detailed photos of the TRF420. It is looking fantastic and you will soon get our detailed review and build,...


Tamiya TRF420 new parts photos

Here are Tamiya Photos of the new parts for the TRF420. Some of us are getting our hands on the kit soon. 42348 TRF420 Carbon Lower Deck ...


54886 TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set info

Details and a photo of the new TRF419 suspension upgrade set. This will allow you to upgrade pretty much any Tamiya club chassis to th...


Tamiya TRF420 photos from the All Japan model and hobby fair 2019

Here as some new TRF420 photos from the Hobby show. Looking good :)


BRCA Clubmans Bedworth 2019 Race report

As much as I enjoy racing and writing about toy cars, real life has been getting in the way a lot over the last year or so. So despite w...


42345 Tamiya TRF420 Chassis first photo

Here is the first photo of the Tamiya TRF420 chassis that we have all been looking forward to seeing. The new suspension arms do look ve...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. They ...

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