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58600 Tamiya TT02 Type S Build review and set-up

The Tamiya TT02 Type-S transforms the popular multipurpose chassis into an entry level race car that the driver can develop alongside wit...


RC Lab Tamiya TB Evolution 7 Carbon chassis conversion

The Tamiya TB Evolution 7 is packed with innovations and has become a popular chassis for some racers. The Alloy chassis works well in s...


BRCA UK National RD5 Halifax Tamiya TT02 Race report

Over the weekend I took part in round 5 of the BRCA 1/10 electric circuit National series. For those of you that are not aware this ser...


Tamiya TA07 MS first look

Here is the first reveal of the Tamiya TA07 MS. It is everything that I hoped it would be :) Retaining the single belt drive train but a...


Simon Lauter Tamiya TRF103 Winning Set up ETS Rd 6

A fantastic end to the ETS season for Simon Lauter, claiming the top spot at round 6 hosted at the Hudy circuit. Another impressive res...


Tamiya TA07 MS announced

As anyone who follows this site knows, I am a big fan of the TA07. So much so that I have even started work on my own TRF07 project to br...


New Tamiya Racing hop-ups

Some pics of the new Tamiya Hop-ups for us that like to race. 42325 TRF419 37T Aluminum Gear Diff Case 42324 TRF TB-05 40T Aluminum ...


Simon Lauter Tamiya TRF103 Set up ETS Rd 5

Simon Lauter had a great debut with the Tamiya TRF103 at the recent ETS round 5 hosted in Apeldoorn Simon was really happy to get secon...


42318 Tamiya TRF103 editable setting sheet

The Tamiya  TRF103 is a big step up from the previous chassis. We will have a review coming soon (ish). In the meantime here is the set...


TRF07 Single belt conversion (Part 1)

I have been tinkering with an idea to make a single belt conversion for one of my TRF cars. The Tamiya TA07 is really good and I really l...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. They ...

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