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XRay T4 2019 Review Part 3 - Build and Tips for Stock Racing

Continuing the  XRay T4 2019 build and review  extravaganza, this part will cover how I built the Stock runner and the option parts tha...


RugRacers 2018-2019 Round 2

Round 2 started with a full capacity entry, the new corners from the 1 st round proving popular with the drivers, making the track space ...


TheRcRacer Tamiya M03 / FF02 Servo Brace

Here is another new part for the classic Tamiya M03 / FF02 chassis. The servo brace is made from 2mm carbon fibre and stops the chassis b...


XRay T4 2019 Review Part 2 - T4 2019 Mod Race report and settings

Following from Part 1 of the  XRay T4 2019 build and review , Florian and myself were keen to take the Mod Xray T4 2019 out to the track....


ZooRacing PreoPard 1/10 Touring Car Body announced

Following an impressive result in the ETS stock class in Vienna, ZooRacing have officially released their new PreoPard racing body. ZooR...


Florian Joos joins the XRAY Junior Team

Great news today! The talented Florian Joos has become part of the Xray Junior team. Regular readers will have seen how his journey has be...


XRay T4 2019 Review Part 1 - Build and Tips for Mod Racing

The Xray T4 2019 is the latest incarnation of the popular 4wd touring car platform. This T4 is a special car because it’s the car with ...


Yokomo BD9 first Photos and detailed info

Yokomo has provided some photos of their new 2019 challenger. The Yokomo BD9 goes back to the more conventional spur / upper deck design ...


RugRacers 2018-2019 Round 1

RugRacers returned for the new series with a few changes made to the track in an effort to help will the racing and limit the number of car ...


47391 Tamiya TB-05 Aluminum Lower Bulkhead pic and info

Tamiya has a great new hop-up for all of you TB shaft runners. The alloy lower bulkhead will help you have a more reliable and efficient dr...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. They ...

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