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Tamiya Onroad Spring chart and ratings

 A lot of people have been wondering what the Tamiya springs are rated at (Including myself), So here is a list that was made from Tamiya US...


TheRcRacer Tamiya TA08 Pro Rear Brace available

I'm a big fan of the Tamiya TA08 . I've had a trouble free time with mine, but some have had issues with the rear of the chassis sna...


Quick update from TheRCRacer Lab

Sorry for the lack of updates, real life yadda yadda... Just thought I would do a quick update on some cool developments for Tamiya RC racer...


58721 Tamiya Fiat Abarth MB-01 photos and chassis details (Updated)

This new M-chassis car is really a replacement for the M05 and M06. (Not the M07 and M08 which are race orientated chassis).  This is a full...


58719 Tamiya BBX BB-01 first photos video and details

The modelshow is live.. lots of exciting Tamiya releases being announced. This is without doubt one of the big ones.. I think the Tamiya com...


Xpress MF1 Build Review and set up tips

You may not be familiar with Megan Davidson, but she signed to the Xpress UK team last year and is in her second year of racing, after takin...


New in-development Tamiya TheRCRacer parts for 2023

Thanks to the donations via the buymeacuppa link I have been able to renew my licence for my cad package. This means more non-profit parts ...


54887 TRF420 Toe Control Rear Suspension Set Review

Additive rear toe is something that you will find on the majority of modern 1/10 touring cars. Whilst in in itself it is nothing new as it h...


HPI RS4 Pro 2 Japan edition 3 Build and Review

In the late 90's, HPI were making progress in the racing world. They saw the potential of the touring class & were producing cars to...


Past and Present Tamiya TRF414X and TRF420X

As is always the case at the end of the year its time to be reflective. It's been a difficult year for me in my personal life, however t...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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