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Xpress Arrow AT1 Build Review and set-up tips

When it was announced that Xpress were going to be bringing out a new chassis to work alongside the XQ10, XQ10R… XQ1… the list goes on, I wa...


Tamiya 42383 1/10 R/C Chassis Kit TB Evo.8 Official info

42383 1/10 R/C Chassis Kit TB Evo.8 The TB Evo. series has gained numerous fans since its inception in 2000, and now welcomes a new entry: t...


Tamiya TB EVO8 first details

Tamiya has teased us with a small video revealing the new TB EVO8 shaft driven competition race chassis. It’s always interesting to see what...


Tamiya TRF415 guide, Mods, tuning and tips for racing

The Tamiya TRF415 was epic back in its day, and there is no reason why it cannot have a fighting chance on the track after all these years. ...


Tamiya TA08 Turnbuckle top deck mod

The Tamiya TA08 pro is great, but it does have a slight problem once you start to run faster motors. The chassis is flexy, which is fine, bu...


TheRcRacer Tamiya TT02 ARS rear active Toe Control Rear Suspension Guide and tips

As any regular visitor to the site will know, I love tinkering with the Tamiya TT-02.  The TT-02 Toe control Rear Suspension is something th...


42382 Tamiya TRF420X Build Review and Set up tips

When Tamiya announced the TRF420X there was a lot of expectation that it would follow the mid-motor chassis design that other manufacturers ...


Porsche 956 1982 Le Mans Winner Tamiya RM-01X chassis

The Le-Mans 24hrs is one of my favourite motor races, so whilst writing the large TRF420X review, I took a break to do this little article o...


Tamiya FF04 Evo X 2022 mods

Front wheel drive (Or Frontie to most),  has had a surge of popularity in the UK. It isn't a true FWD class as you would expect, allowin...


Tamiya TRF adjustable centre weight Free download

This is a part that I made for some of the Tamiya TRF racers. It is a 3D printable centre weight.  Basically you replace the kit one, and yo...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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