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RugRacers 2018-2019 Round 6

The final round of the series, with all but 1 championship decided and championship podium positions still to be decided in most class...


Yeah Racing Aluminium Rear adjustable Suspension mount TT02-S Review

The Tamiya  TT02-S is one of my favourite chassis. Its cheap, versatile and there are a huge amount of hop-up options available for it w...


Tamiya racing factory at T.I.T.C.2019 photos and setup

The Thailand International Touring car championship (T.I.T.C) 2019 event was a spectacular as ever. It is one of the worlds largest race ...


Jesse Keller Dutch Tamiya Cup Winning TRF419XR set-up

I got an update from Jesse Keller who raced his TRF419XR equipped with theRCRacer backbone stiffeners to victory in the Dutch Tamiya Cup...


Florian Joos Lovan Race report with Mod and stock winning Xray T4 Race set-ups

Florian scored a fantastic result this weekend, winning both the stock and modified finals in the Lovan race series. Here is his race report...


Marton Toth Winter Season with Xray & Mibo Report and set-up

Contributor Marton Toth recently achieved second place in the Mibosport Cup championship. Here is his summary of the last few months.  So...


Tamiya 42333 TRF419XR Aluminium Lower Deck and 42334 Upper deck Review

I do most of my racing on carpet and it has not escaped my attention that that many of my competitors have been running aluminium lower ...


RugRacers 2018-2019 Round 5

With the penultimate round getting underway some classes championships were already decided with others still up for grabs. MTC was 1 ...


Tamiya Open Face adjusters for RC cars

When working on the TRF cars we have always shaved the top off the adjusters to give us easy access to removing parts. It was a process that...


ZooRacing ZooZilla Body Review

I think everybody knows about ZooRacing after the last few months. The Preopard  has taken the class by storm, and as predicted lots of ...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. They ...

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