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Savouring every minute TRF420X has arrived

Even after all these years I still get a massive buzz when I get hold of a new Tamiya TRF :) I have lined up a few extra's for this buil...


KOC round 1 race report and Tamiya TC-01 Set up tips

After several great seasons racing in the Iconic cup, I decided to try something new for 2022. I have seen the King of Clubs series going f...


Sean Lee's Tamiya TRF420X Race report and Set-up sheet

Having a new car is always an exciting moment, especially when Tamiya announces a brand new competition touring car. With the announcement o...


Tamiya TT02 Asphalt Race set-up and editable setting sheet to download

This has been a long time coming. Despite it's popularity, there hasn't been a set-up sheet for this versatile chassis.  Until now :...


RCMaker Horizontal Rear Bodypost Mounting set Review

The Horizontal Rear bodypost mounting set are another interesting creation from RC Maker. As soon as I spotted them online I had to purchase...


Quick update, on why there hasn't been many updates..

Sorry about the lack of updates on the site, things in the real world have really taken a lot of my free-time and every little bit of time I...


Tamiya TRF420X Editable Setting sheet

With the TRF420X manual available, I thought I would follow up with an editable Setting sheet.  There is still a few weeks before we can act...


42382 Tamiya TRF420X Manual Download

Here is the International version of the Tamiya TRF420X manual. Click the Image to download Lots to look at and discover here.  As expected ...


Carisma GRF-GT Pagani Zonda R Build and Review

Although I'm primarily a racer, I do have a soft spot for kit car that would look great in a collection. Sometimes they are based on rea...


42382 Tamiya TRF420X chassis kit, official photos and info.

Here is the first bit of official literature about the Tamiya TRF420X.  Let's take a good look at the detailed photos.

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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