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58693 Tamiya TA08 PRO Build Review and set-up

As soon as the Tamiya TA08 PRO was announced it caused a stir amongst those of us who like to race Tamiya's on the track. Its predecesso...


58693 Tamiya TA08 PRO Manual Download

Click image to download I am sure many of you are excited about this release. Here is the manual to download and peruse. I have built it and...


58693 Tamiya TA08pro first impressions

After opening the box I just thought I would take a look at some of the new parts for the TA08PRO. The first thing you notice is that this c...


Tamiya TD4 Super Avante details. Why you should be excited!

It's Friday and Tamiya have released the first proper image and a video of their new TD4 Super Avante. This new 4WD chassis looks to hav...


Tamiya TD4 chassis announced!

The long rumoured new 4WD off road chassis by Tamiya 'Cough! New Avante' has been teased on their youtube channel. It's been a l...


Tamiya comfort fit face mask review and track test ;)

Tamiya has a wide range of lifestyle accessories that you can buy, ranging from racing apparel to flip flops. Many are only available in the...


Xpress Execute XQ2S Build Review and Set-up

During 2020, Xpress updated their popular sport level chassis with the XQ2S. Whilst some may feel that they could of released a sport versio...


Speed and style! The new identity of 1/10 onroad racing.

One of the things that I have been most excited about in recent years is the evolution of the bodyshells that are used in 1/10 onroad tourin...


TRF Racing adventures.. Racing on low grip

I have taken things a bit slow in regard to getting back to racing since the lockdown measures have started to ease. Whilst there are a few ...


Tamiya Shizuoka Hobby Show 2021 photos

This years trade show is behind closed doors, luckily Tamiya have shared lots of photos of their new RC models including the TA08pro.  So le...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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