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ZooRacing Hellcat Review

It is fair to say that ZooRacing have made a massive stir in the 1/10 racing scene with their range of bodyshells. It is fair to say t...


54878 Upgrade set for TRF super Short Big Bore dampers

The SSBB (Super short Big Bore) dampers were released alongside the TRF419X. They followed the tradition of previous TRF dampers and were...


Tamiya 54886 TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set Review

After the inception of the TRF414 Tamiya has released over 20 different chassis variations, however over this period there have only bee...


New Tamiya Hop-ups and Parts announced.

A range of new Tamiya Hop-ups announced. Some great tuning parts for anyone that runs a club Tamiya chassis. Also an active rear toe su...


Tamiya Adjustable suspension mounts Review

Tamiya has released an essential new part for us racers in the form of the new adjustable suspension mounts. Whereas before we had to buy ...


MiCC Round one Race report

Despite harking from the sunnier climes of the South of England, I have spent over a decade living up North. Whilst there can be no dispu...


New Bittydesign Hyper released

Bittydesign have released the new Hyper body to compete in the high downforce body stakes. Some team drivers have been running early vers...


54849 Tamiya Aluminum Wing Washers Review

Us Tamiya racers know that the shiny blue that emits from our chassis is the best looking anodising amongst the rainbow of colours in the...


42345 Tamiya TRF420 manual download

The manual is now online so you can take a look at what is involved in the TRF420 build. Some nice little things are revealed here. Click on...


Team Associated withdraw from onroad :(

Team Associated are withdrawing from all onroad classes. That includes 1/10 onroad, F1 and 1/12 pan car. They are not going to develop th...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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