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RC MAKER GeoCarbon HD Weighted Tweak Wheel set Review

Sit in the pits at any race venue and you will spot a strange phenonium. Drivers will slope off a chair, squat in front of their pit table ...


Florian Scheer Winning Tamiya TA08 Asphalt Set-up

The Tamiya TA08 is a great chassis, and it really seems to excel in medium and low grip tracks. Recently Florian Scheer took victory in the ...


49255 Tamiya TRF414M World championship replica Build and Review Part 2

Previously in part one (Click to read) of this review I covered the build of the main chassis. In this article I will be making the car into...


Tamiya TA08 Pro: Top Deck And rear tower now available to buy

Lots of people have been asking about these carbon parts for the TA08 pro. This post is just to announce that they are available via Fibre-l...


Tamiya TA08 Pro TheRcRacer New Carbon parts Preview

I've been running the Tamiya TA08PRO for some time now, and as anyone who reads the site would expect I have had a little tinker and hav...


Axon Wheel hub Axles Review TRF420 , BD10, Xray T4

I have been finding the TRF420 a real buzz to run on a prepped circuit after taking it out from its enforced pandemic retirement.  One of th...


Tamiya TA08 Pro centre stiffener rod mod (Guide).

After the release of the Tamiya TA08 PRO I've been enjoying putting in a lot of laps with this chassis as I try to discover its characte...


58693 Tamiya TA08 PRO Build Review and set-up

As soon as the Tamiya TA08 PRO was announced it caused a stir amongst those of us who like to race Tamiya's on the track. Its predecesso...


58693 Tamiya TA08 PRO Manual Download

Click image to download I am sure many of you are excited about this release. Here is the manual to download and peruse. I have built it and...


58693 Tamiya TA08pro first impressions

After opening the box I just thought I would take a look at some of the new parts for the TA08PRO. The first thing you notice is that this c...

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Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts

The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Th...

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