Tamiya win offroad 1/10 euros

Marc Rheinard takes the TRF511x to a title win. The guys is a mighty driver atm. Pics and text thanks to the mighty oople http://www.oople.c...

Marc Rheinard takes the TRF511x to a title win. The guys is a mighty driver atm.

Pics and text thanks to the mighty oople


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  1. Hey, ive beeen trying to find a way to contact you, this seems to be the only was i can find, from your posts i have been reading, you have bought the Ansmann Mad Rat. I was wondering what you thought of the car for a 15 year old beginner that wants to get into the sport/hobby. I have an old Mardave Cobra, its grate, really fun to drive. But as it was given to me ive not been able to make it my self, so ive been looking at the cars out there and I like the look of the mad Rat. As you seem to know what your talkinng about I wanted to ask you if it would be good starting car? (the other car I have seen if the Baja king from tamiya, but I dont know much about the hobby, so if possible would you be able to give me some guidance)

    Thanks, Ollie

  2. Hi Ollie

    I would say that the car would be a great one to get into the hobby. Especially if you want to race at a local club.

    If you were to get the car I would suggest getting a set of bearings for it. I can provide you with an email address to get these.

    A few of us now have them, my car has survived 3 club meets. Although a few of the other guys have had some parts snap. One had the front bulkhead cover break, and the other had a wishbone break. This happens when racing though :)

    The Cobra can also be ok as a beginners car. The parts are still available and the car itself is very strong. You should be fine taking that to a club at first if you wanted.

    Tamiyas are great, probably my favourite make. However the Baja King is a very strong car (its also 4wd) but the car could be quite of the pace against other 4wd cars. Although again it would be a good beginners car.

    Personally If you were to buy one I would suggest the Madrat as its very close in design and performance to some of the top 2wd cars. So you will have the mechanical potential with your car and then you can work on your actual driving potential.

    There are lots of tips and tricks when building the Madrat. I will list them on here in my Build thread for the Madrat (which will happen soon.. honest).

    let me know what you do


  3. ok, will do. Thank you for your advice



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