Tamworth f1 race Jan 2nd Report

Ok, so I managed to get over to Tamworth to race in the first big UK F1 race. There were 30 F1’s ready to line up on the grid, this was goi...

Ok, so I managed to get over to Tamworth to race in the first big UK F1 race. There were 30 F1’s ready to line up on the grid, this was going to be my first F1 race so I was a little nervous in seeing how my newly prepared F1 and electrics would handle at the track.

After setting up and chatting to other racers, my first impression was that the 13t brushless was alot higher than most other racers. Stock 540’s and 17.5t brushless seemed to be the norm for the guys I spoke to.

Undeterred, I managed to take the car out for a quick spin and the car seemed quick.. but not too quick, but it was obvious that I would have to add some additive to the tyres to give me more grip on acceleration.

The  set-up was 4 qualifiers and an A,B and C final.

First race was a disaster, I had someone else on the same Crystal as me, so I had to change my Crystal one the race was happening. I managed to get 1 lap in at the end.

Second race was much better. The car drove well, it was far too fast, so I knew that I would have to change my gearing, but by being light on the throttle I was able to get a feel for the car. The Circuit layout was suited for 1/12 so the infield was very tight, but the car was very precise and was able to navigate around the corners with ease. I got 17 laps which was great as you needed to get  19 laps to be really on A final pace.

Third race was interesting, I tried not adding any more additive to the tyres, I hate additive so I thought that one application would be enough, as the track would get enough grip over these races. Usually its ok but not today. The grip started to come away from me again so I had to go slower on the infield. The car still felt good but I wanted to take it easy on its first outing so only managed to achieve 16 laps.. Also I got slammed out of the track which caused quite alot of damage to my shell L

Fourth race, additive added I was confident of beating my 17 laps, but a very heavy multicar pile-up completely put me out of the race. I lost confidence in the car and it seemed to be pulling to the left so I just pulled over and out of the race..


So I was set to be in the C final. In the meantime there was the concourse competition. 

I was hoping my unique Jag paint style would help me in the competition, but there was some stiff competition especially with a beautifully crafted F104 in a Williams livery. However a non f1 liveried shell won the completion. It looked nice and clean. It seemed that I was the only one not bothered about the judgement as people in the pits were staggered how it won. However concourse is just what the judge likes and the cars paintjob was really clean and the clean lines did give it its own style.

All set-up for the final, the car was looking good. I was 4th on the grid and fancied my chances. The race went well and I soon found myself challenging for the lead.. however once I made it into the lead I had a collision with a backmarker and the spur gear stripped.... Gutted!

So I had to watch the rest of the race whilst cursing the fact that I should have fitted my Tamiya Spur gear sooner. (I was running Tamiya 0.4 pitch pinions and the .64 pitch kit spur).

The A final had a F109 as the FTD so it was first on the grid, however it would be obvious that the GT10 conversion with its Carlos Fandango Super wide rear end would be the car to beat if it managed to stay out of trouble.  I intended to video it but my camera ran out of power about 30 seconds in.. Sorry.

As everyone thought the GT10 conversion romped home, however this was just a reminder that the rules for this class have to be considered and set-up quickly if they want a national series. F1 was killed last time due to the Corrally F1 conversion, and unless a minimum tyre diameter / width and axle length / fitting type isn’t set then it could end up being the same old mess that happened before.

Everyone there was buzzing, it was a good day and this could be the revival of a fantastic class in RC racing. The organisers did a fantastic job of running the event and the racers were really friendly and open.
I’ll post some more pics and unique chassis mods over the next few days that were there.
Tamworth 4861405924878358440

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  1. If you guys specify a total width (~200mm), and a wheel diameter (i.e. Tamiya sized), that will take care of a lot of problems. Some might try 1/12 wheels with the GT10 cars, but this will require a custom axle setup for the correct width.

  2. Thats a good idea. I dont really like too many rules in racing, but the width will help keep the cars all 'Tamiya' type which will at least keep the playing field level.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the report from Tamworth, i fully agree with you on the whole rules for dimensions, although rules can be a pain, if the race is to be part of a series then there has to be some i feel,
    especially regarding track width and aero device size (width of front wing,height width of rear wing).
    the only real weak points i have found on the f109 are the spur gear and the front upper arm mount can tweak after colisions ,which leave the car pulling to one side,, the alloy upgrade is on its way for mine and should solve the problem, cheers again and all the best to all for the new year.



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