Tamiya Limited Edition drift Chassis 84132 Dorifutoshashikitto

Tamiya is still coming with some exciting news for its line up at the Hobby expo at  Shizuoka  . Here is a very special new car, a limit...

Tamiya is still coming with some exciting news for its line up at the Hobby expo at Shizuoka .

Here is a very special new car, a limited edition Tamiya Drift chassis. It looks very similar to the Tech racing TA05 drift kit, and the HPI drift chassis. This will be a limited edition kit, here are the details.

, "Manufactured product details"
- and adopted Badikarumauntoappafuremu Furontomiddoshippu
with slide control - that draw outstanding Badikarutsuinfuremu
Haireberufudoraiba - to meet the needs of both novice and pocket depth charm.
* Creates a new drift scene and creativity drive system of Shashidezain over the world.
- Tamiya Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, LF Battery holder battery sizes corresponding to various adjustments (such as glass can stop the tape.) RC also eliminate the weight distribution between left and right and center layout mechanism also provides slide-free habit.
Bulkhead and Shotoribashiburuamu · TA05, TRF416 and upright, legs around the proven choice in touring car parts so far. 2 belt drive system and drive the belt around the new size was also equipped with tensioners.

"A maker"
is a long-awaited appearance of drift specially designed chassis. Front mid to place the motor to achieve optimum weight balance drift. Badikaru (V) characteristic Daburuappafuremu mount is 2mm wide carbon. Pitch (approximately) the direction of higher stiffness, roll (left) has a flexible chassis characteristics have direction.
Steering system is to enhance control when it adopted the counter-parallel to the turning angle Pararerujiometori left and right tires. The ball diff kit, Riyadairekutokappuringu, universal shafts around, TRF damper as standard. OP can also be used for further TA05 parts, it is possible according to the driving tune. 

It looks fantastic.. I love the Ta05 series of cars (my main TC I race is a TA05MS) Help I want it!!! time to start ebaying some things..
trf trf414 trf414m Tamiya 8218647183991224573

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