Tamiya 58470 Holiday Buggy 2010 Built

I've been waiting for this since it was announced. I am happy that Tamiya put it on a different chassis to the original. I had an origi...

I've been waiting for this since it was announced. I am happy that Tamiya put it on a different chassis to the original. I had an original, and whilst it was great at the time, the suspension mounts would break, the gearbox was exposed and it didn't really have anything like usable suspension.

This was announced, some freaked at the holes in the bonnet, others at the yellow wheels, there were even compaints that it was on a modern chassis!

Personally this car has got it right, it has the spirit of the original. Its cheap, distinctive and is built for fun. Its what RC is meant to be. Its not to be stuck on a shelf.

Onto the build.

Well, it didnt take long to build. 2hrs for the chassis. Typical Tamiya quality, everything fits together nicely. The body took a little while as I had to paint the lights, driver, roof etc.

I didn't do a build thread as there is an excellent one on the Tamiya USA site here Tamiya USA Holiday buggy build thread

The car is std spec, other than Ball bearings (£7). I have fitted a Team Orion 12t brushless into the car.

This is going to be my general all around basher. It wont be raced, just ragged around for fun, so I have kept the friction shocks on the car to ensure it will have some handling quirks. (A dialed car is not really fun to bash about).

The DT02 is meant to be a very strong and reliable chassis, so it should be a cheap reliable runner.

Its put a big smile on my face. Its like being a little boy again :) I'll upload a video soon.

Although I think there might be a few mods made to it soon as the gearing is limited.
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  1. I so love the looks of the HB but Tamiya really fkd the football on this one...they could have easily done some kit bashing and put some shorter arms on it(the track width is rediculous), as well as some better wheels(hornet/buggy champ)etc....then it would be perfect. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a more modern chassis, but the car still has to look right.....

  2. I don't think it looks that bad , although there looks to be a simple mod to shorten the width of the suspension. I will have a go at it this week and post back on the blog.

    The car looks great doing wheelies whatever the wheelbase ;)



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