Hobbywing Justock Esc Review

I needed a good sensored esc for my F109. I was thinking of getting a Speed Passion LPF as I have one in my TC and its fantastic. However it...

I needed a good sensored esc for my F109. I was thinking of getting a Speed Passion LPF as I have one in my TC and its fantastic. However it would be overkill for my F1.

I discovered the Justock. Its been made to be a fair stock racing affordable speed controller for close club racing. The specs are as follows

Continuous current: 45A 
Burst Current: 260A 
Suitable Car: 1/10 car 
Suitable Motor Input: ≥8.5T (On-Road car); ≥11.5T (Off-Road Car) / ≥13.5T (On-Road car); ≥17.5T (Off-Road Car)
BEC Output: 6V/2A (linear model) 
Dimension:33mm*28mm*31.5mm ( Fan included) 

The esc has all of the settings you would expect with a Hobbywing / Speed passion esc other than you are not able to change the timing. This is again great if you want a good stock racing class, where skill is the key. Also in our F1's boost isn't needed.

I ordered it from Giant Cod http://www.giantcod.co.uk/ and it arrived promptly.

Here it is in its tiny glory

The Esc is tiny, I quickly fitted it to my motor (13.5t Speed passion) and installed it into my F1 ready for a nights racing.

Once powered up with the 7.4v Lipo the ESC was smooth and responsive. The throttle control was everything I wanted it to be. The extra control this gave me transformed my F109 and it felt loads better, especially on the infield.

After 5 heats (and coming 2nd in the Final) I was really impressed. This ESC is great value for money, with the full spec of its big brothers and a very small footprint. 


I have been using this esc for 17.5 blinky racing for some time now. The ESC is still working really well and my TRF417 is beating Tekins etc so the ESC is great in this class.

Software revision

There are some issues with brakes for some software revisions, however the latest firmware solves this and the brakes are now very strong. I have calmed mine down to 50%.

You want the firmware listed as 'V3 5.08 No Timing' note the capitalisation of the no timing, the bad version says NO TIMING


I would recommend this to anyone who wants a great stock ESC. This really has to be one of the first you look for.

Overall Rating 1st!

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  1. Thanks for the review! Couldn't find any other.
    Going to order one for my drifter.

  2. No problem, it's a great little esc. I still have to build my drifter, however I have scored an ace body for it :)

  3. Very well done ! Gonna run one in my F109 which I just ordered today :)
    I currently run a xe-run 120a in my SparrowHawk XB and couldnt ask for a better performing esc.

  4. It's a cool esc mine is still going strong

  5. Hi.is it normal for the esc red led to blink continously when in neutral zone and when throttle or reverse the red led will stay?thx

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  7. hi, I have buy justock club spec esc, but when I press full throttle instantly, sometimes throttle respond almost one second after. I dont understand why is this happening, I had try all of esc settings with program card but nothing changed. I had made throttle calibration also. please help me and advice, othervise I will not use this esc anymore.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.



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