TEH-R31 Build thread part 2

following from part 1  here Stage 7 Front and rear bulkheads This is a nice easy stage, you need to really fit the ball joints in ...

following from part 1 here

Stage 7 Front and rear bulkheads

This is a nice easy stage, you need to really fit the ball joints in the upper bulkhead first, as the plastic is quite tough and you will be able to get a better grip as you fasten them in.

The next step is to fit the diff spaces onto your diff, these are quite nice and chunky' they don't give you the fidelity that Touring car spacers have, but you can still space the Diffs forward or backward in the bulkheads which will be useful when you are changing pulley sizes for a counter-steer modification.

Then fit on the short belt before putting the diff in the bottom bulkhead.

Take care to get the spacers set properly as the manual, and that you have them set the right way round on each side. If you do this right you will have one notch showing on parallel to each other as you screw on the top of the bulkhead.

The pulley sticks out from the bottom of the bulkhead so be careful as you screw in the top screws to still get a true and straight bulkhead, instead of using my set-up board for this I placed the bulkheads on the chassis where they would fit to get a surface to screw in the top plate and ensure that it was true.

Do this twice and you have 2 finished bulkheads.

Stage 8 Front pulley

So first up you just need to fit your bearing and one pulley on the shaft, the pulleys are mounted on the shaft with a strange plastic circle clip with a plastic prong in the middle.. I have no idea how this will hold up when being thrashed with a brushless motor.. But anyway it clipped in nicely and it did seem solid.

Now things get interesting.... Say hello to the spur gear pulley mount...

It's two pieces of plastic that you clip together which in theory should clip around the second pulley and then allow you to mount the spur gear and spur gear plate.. In reality it will not stay connected easily, it keeps unclipping.

So how I solved this was to hold the clip closed on the shaft with some pliers and then place on the spur gear and spur gear holder over the shaft, and rotate them so I could see the 4 holes for the screws and then dropped the screws in to hold it all in shape.

I fitted the screws in only gently at first, so it was just holding the pulley clip on the other side of the spur closed. I then let go with the pliers and then took my time screwing in the screws in a cross over pattern little by little ensuring that they were keeping the pulley as straight as possible to the shaft.

I think this plastic spur mount might be a part that will have a third party upgrade soon. An aluminium one would make things much easier, but again, lets see how it performs once built.

Off we go to part 3 here
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