TEH-R31 build thread part 4

Following on from part 3 here and continuing possibly the longest running build thread for an RC car here is part 4. Stage15 rear axle as...

Following on from part 3 here and continuing possibly the longest running build thread for an RC car here is part 4.

Stage15 rear axle assembly

Next up it's time to build the rear axles.

At first the bearing didn't slide over the rear universal. On closer inspection I noticed the pin was sticking out a fraction of a mm so I had to adjust it slightly by pushing it down with a thin driver. Then it was all good and the bearing fitted snuggly into the rear drive cup. The design of these has a larger bearing holding the inside of the axle and a smaller one at the front.

Finally pop the ball cup on the end.

Stage 16 Rear axle installation

Nice and easy you just have to slide the suspension shaft through the cup and the arm ensuring the flat section is at the bottom. The tolerances on the parts were good, so it slipped in easily between the arm and the post. You then just simply screw in the grub screw to hold the shaft steady. The next stage is to simply snap on the upper arm turnbuckles (notice the massive camber) and you are there.

Stage 17 rear suspension mount and diffuser

Easy section, the only thing is that the instructions get wrong is that you need part A6 not A1. The suspension mount is quite flexible so I don't know if it will be too soft.

Stage 18 Front Axle assembly

The only thing you have to ensure is that the flanges are on the inside of the C-hub as you push in the axle and the upright. The resulting assembly is smooth.

In the kit you have 2 sets of c-hubs with either 4 or 7 degrees of castor. I fitted the 4 degree ones. Although they will be easy to change if I change my mind at a later date.

Stage 19 front axle installation

Again similar to the rear axle, the only thing is I noticed that the axle did bind with the suspension arm once fitted. To solve this I filed the suspension arms down a little to stop the plastic rubbing.

Once it was smooth with no binding I fitted the front axles onto the car.

Stage 20 steering arm assembly

Just turnbuckles Takes minutes

Stage 21 steering arm installation

Just clip the arms on and there you go

Stage 22 Front damper stay installation

Simply screw it on. The car is definitely getting there now. Next update will be very soon.

TEH-R31 7534383641929529122

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  1. Hi,
    very nice guide helped me a lot.
    Easy to understand and the pictures are
    underlining ur coments nicely.

    Thumbs up!

    PS: Hope u gonna do a CS guide as well.

  2. This log has been a great help for me.
    thank you!!

    waiting for the next part....

  3. Come Onnn !! Next part !!

  4. hope you do a CS & Spool & oneway guide :D

  5. were you able to post a cs guide??

  6. nice guide, but ur pics here are not showing!

  7. Pics are now working mate :)



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