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The GX buggy is a new toy rc car which has become a massive hit in its native Japan. Now Tomy have brought it over here ready for Christmas...

The GX buggy is a new toy rc car which has become a massive hit in its native Japan. Now Tomy have brought it over here ready for Christmas.

The car was developed by Yokomo who are a respected name in remote control car design.

Winning many competitions and being synonymous with quality. So its not surprising with this level of quality associated with it, the buggy comes with many features much more expensive rc cars have such as a 2.4ghz controller and a lipo battery, this little car could be something special.

So let's take a closer look.

The buggy comes nicely packaged, showing the diminutive sized car and controller.
Once you empty the box you get the following

You get the charger, buggy, charger and a thin piece of lexan which is rather important. You also get a set of stickers to fit on the controller and charger. Luckily I got a blue and white one which fits the scheme of my racing colours.

The thin lexan makes a roll bar for the buggy which helps the buggy recover from when it lads on its roof or grip rolls.

You just simply roll it over and stick the bottom part of the tape onto the other part (make sure the inside of the loop has the double sided tape free to stick onto the bottom of the buggy)

Now you have finished Fixing the parts to the car.

So now you will have to fit the batteries. You need 2 AAA's for the controller and 6 AA's for the charger.

Now you need to remove the shell, which is simply attached with Velcro. Then you have to plug in the charger to the car.

Hit the big charge button and wait for 15 mins or so as the flashing green light stops to a full green light.

You just now need to bind the controller to the car. (Its just like a Wii)This is simple you just switch on the car and controller. Press the little bind button on the controller and then on the car, the lights will stop flashing and you will be done, and won't have to do this again.

The suspension of the car relies on one main spring at the rear with two main soft plastic struts.

The articulation is quite impressive. The design has been focused on being robust as this buggy is sold for children of all ages (ahem!) This design means after some use it will become looser and give even more movement.

With the batteries charged its time to give the car a spin.

The first thing you will notice is how fast the car is.. It's a rocket! 22kph is mightily impressive and the cars petite size equates to a scale speed of nearly 700kph.

The first thing you notice is that the steering is not proportional. The throttle however is proportional and the combination of a rocket car, full lock and a proportional throttle works very well. You can make the car turn sharply by slowing down and steering or take a wider turn by keeping more throttle on.

The speed is so much quicker than any toy rc car which most children have, even ones that are much larger.

The speed, size and strength of this buggy make it amazing for driving around in the house / office and pulling some crazy stunts.

Here are some movies showing the car in action.

I must mention I have had this car for a while now and it has never broken or let me down. The only thing to look out for is hair getting caught in the front axles. That will cause the car to not go straight.

To fix this you need to just get a pair of tweezers and pull out the hair until the wheel spins freely.

The car has become a firm favourite, and it's become a good back up for when I can't race my other buggy, or am bored at work, want to scare the cat.. etc

I can't recommend it enough, it's a fantastic car and will be a top present for any boy.. No matter what age. Top car and top marks for it.
Going forward I will look at what mods can be made for the car. You can discus the car on the forum hereGX buggy forum or post on the comments thread.
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