VRC Pro is a virtual radio controlled car simulation at present supporting 1/8th to 1/12th on road classes. This is well worth checki...

VRC Pro is a virtual radio controlled car simulation at present supporting 1/8th to 1/12th on road classes.

This is well worth checking out. Its a great way to improve your r/c driving skills in between race meetings. its also possible to race online against thousands of other racers all over the world. Its not free but its reasonable price.

However these is one glitch. To play you will need a adapter to plug into your computer and receiver so you can use your own transmitter. Now some people might be saying that "you don't need the adapter to play VRC Pro". This is correct however, this is a simulation and a simulation is supposed to be like the real thing and you can't do that without using a transmitter. We don't race with a keyboard.

You can play VRC Pro on a free trail which is great and the site will actually ask you if you want to purchase an adapter directly from the site at I believe 50% off. I recommend this. I got one from Hong Kong but it took for ever to get here and the plugs are wired the wrong way so i have to plug them in upside down.

Subscriptions - they aren't bad, you can get one, three, six or twelve month. I believe generally they work out at  around 8 euro's a month. Anyway money bit is boring so more interesting stuff to talk about.

I tried it first on the trail period for a month. Now I don't get a lot of time to use it if I'm honest but I decided that its was great and bought a three month subscription. Why is hear you ask, well it is a great representation of our hobby on your computer. I hadn't raced or ever driven an r/c car since 2006 so I'm rusty. i was never any good anyway but my point is this can help. In the trail membership your given 3 track. one outdoor oval, a outdoor circuit, indoor carpet track and a outdoor practice park. I started messy about on the outdoor circuit and was crashing into everything, after half hour or so I was getting round without crashing. after more practice i went from lapping 16 seconds to 13 second consistent laps. that is probably really slow I don't know but the point is I improved and I intend to continue to practice to try and improve even further.

After you've purchase your subscription and registered you asked to download the software. once downloaded your met with your pit table.

Now i could go through and explain what everything does but i found an awesome set of video's online that explain it perfectly to be honest. so "if it ain't broke, dont fix it" as they say. This video takes you through the layout and what everything does.

The rest of the video for his series, detailing what things do and how to use VRC Pro. 

Thank for viewing.

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  1. Top stuff mate, we should go online for a race.. although I still need a bit of practice

  2. yeah could do, i not been on for a while. need a new receiver



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