Tamiya 58526 XV-01 Crossover Rally chassis

I cant wait for this, RC rallying is fantastic, and I have been using a TB01 which is a great rally car with brushless power.. however, ...

I cant wait for this, RC rallying is fantastic, and I have been using a TB01 which is a great rally car with brushless power.. however, this new car looks even better.

Here are the specs and some pictures from the hobby show


This is a PRO-spec version of the R/C 4WD XV-01 chassis. "XV" stands for "Crossover Vehicle". As the name implies this vehicle is intended to serve as a common all-terrain platform which can be used for rally cars, on-road cars, and pick-up trucks. It is equipped with covers to protect the drivetrain and R/C units from dirt and debris and its suspension provides a ground clearance of over 10mm. The motor is mounted at the front and power is delivered via a drive belt to the front/rear gearboxes, which are equipped with gear differential units. The "PRO" spec kit comes with plenty of Option Parts as standard equipment.

- Front-mounted motor is housed in a gearbox which has been designed for ease of maintenance. Separately available Slipper Clutch Set (Item
- Radio gear components are protected by covers that are secured by screws. The ESC space features a detachable cover which incorporates ducts for heat dissipation. Wheel well liners help deflect dirt and debris.
- A hatch on the underside of the XV-01 chassis enables quick access to the battery.
- Holes in the chassis bottom help remove any debris which may block steering movement during off-road use.
- Reversible-type rear suspension ensures plenty of suspension stroke for off-road driving. The separate suspension mount also makes it easy to change settings such as Toe Angle.

Here are some of the option parts

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  1. still thinking either the traxxas ford raptor,kyosho drx ve or this? need suggestions

    1. from what i heard, this car has the motor in the front, making it more realistic. more weight in the front means better turning response. also has a better turning radius.

  2. There are more ppl like you choosing the same way :D

  3. The XV-01 will be quality. The other chassis you list are just 4wd cars, this is a custom chassis for Rally / Crossover vehichles



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