Ardent 24, Conclusion

Wow what a marathon! That was an experience, good but very tiring one! Sorry I couldn't get an update out for the end. By the e...

Wow what a marathon! That was an experience, good but very tiring one!

Sorry I couldn't get an update out for the end. By the end I was glad it was over so I could go to sleep.

I enjoyed the experience don't get me wrong.

Anyway, couple of comments about the how the positions were going so here are a couple of pictures of timing screen.

37 minutes in we had dropped to 8th from starting 6th.

2hrs gone, got back up to 6th by only five laps. At this stage that's a slow pit stop.

4hrs we ekk'd out another five laps on the warriors. Made on chand a cola but lost Kettering MCC.

1/4 way in, lost 19 laps = 1 place to worcester warriors.
I went out for a stint and caught the barrier and tore the bodyshell.
So a stop to repair the shell was needed. see pic below.

Managed to jump up to sixth again
Getting dark

Night driving is upon us (Brilliant picture)

Unfortunately our right front headlamp didn't work when its came to turning them on. Found wire had been fouling the wheel and pulling it off the LED. We changed the LED hence the drop down to 7th again.

1/2 way back up to 6th. 169 behind chand a cola

16hrs or so, we capitalised on chand a cola having some major repairs, after a small hiccup ourselves losing a place to the creativly named " and in first place" we return to 5th place.

We staying in fifth till 20 hour or so mark we had a motor burnt out.
I marshalled the car and got a face full of smoke.
OH Dear!
Lost a place and chand a cola got very close!

End result, after getting back into fifth we spent the last few hours building and maintaining the lead over Chand a cola

The event was an awesome experience, one I wont forget.

I thought to myself, I'll do blog update during the event but a nice feature. The updates I did were the maximum I could get out. Your time in occupied by so many other things, battery and tyres changes, marshall, repairs take up all your time.

A testament to the HPI sprint 2 tho, we changed front and rear hubs as precaution really not because they were in need. many issue steering arm popping off in impacts but the moral is don't hit anything!

Till next year then hopefully at Ardent v2.0
mans 4968281548822108271

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  1. Excellent, I am Jealous. I'd have loved to have been there.. I'll have to start working on the wife now so I might be able to do it next year.

  2. That unfortunately depends on my next blog post. More to come



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