Tamiya 42235 TRF417X (Reedy RACE CHAMPION) CHASSIS KIT 200 pieces limited edition

Tamiya have a very limited edition TRF417x, I cant see anything that is different to the std Kit other than the limited edition stickers....

Tamiya have a very limited edition TRF417x, I cant see anything that is different to the std Kit other than the limited edition stickers.

Shiny silver with Blue edging! Get saving ;)

Here is the google translated text

[Weapon world continue to evolve won the big race - held Reedy Race of May. 2011 TRF417 since the debut in December 2010, we have accumulated data in the big race of the world, between June and July 4.5 Battle of the (European Touring Series), won the ace driver of (Tamiya Racing Factory), Mark Rainato EFRA European Championships in August TRF ETS was further. TRF417X their data is incorporated, also considering the 2012 IFMAR World Championships, was born the addition of Modifier. TRF won the Invitational class driver, players have borrowed the TRF417X Wilk V. Reedy Race in May 2012, the world's giants gather. Limited edition model to commemorate the victory that is introduced.

- Improve the traction performance in the low-speed range to pursue suppleness; While inheriting the basic layout of excellent TRF417, we aimed to improve the traction performance in the low-speed range by changing the shape of the Rowadekki. In addition, the suspension is compatible with more delicate setting that uses a carbon damper stay of thickness 3.5mm, hole length of the formula to concatenate the damper mounting hole. Battery mount is metal and also serve as a weight, use a short neck kingpin is a new type. Has extended the width of the selected gear ratio by changing the motor mounting holes. In addition, the chassis kit commemorate this victory, can also be equipped with front and back-filled Giyadefu of oil, was to increase the width of the setting. Moreover, it has become a special kit deals stickers were added to the TRF to mirror the blue edge of the character, was also set when the player setting sheet V. Wilk was traveling at Reedy Race.

The main equipment parts] [  also for direct Giyadefu (front: ● 2.25mm Carbon Lower Deck Lower Deck ● 2.0mm ● 2.25mm Carbon Carbon Upper Deck ● 3.5mm aluminum bulkhead Carbon Damper Stay ● ● ● Aluminum steering arm front / center set) Rear: Universal shaft ● Aluminum ● TRF Special Damper around Giyadefu Diff Joint ● (HL coating) ● Short reversible suspension arm ● Aluminum Suspension Mount Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (1C, 1C, 1XA, 1E) ● clamp thickness (4mm) ● Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft Stabilizer specification ● Full Ball Bearings ● before and after

Source www.tamiya.com

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