TRF417WX new info

Translated via Google Basically, new features are 2.0mm top deck with new shape 2.25 lower deck with no cutouts for better ground effe...

Translated via Google

Basically, new features are

  • 2.0mm top deck with new shape
  • 2.25 lower deck with no cutouts for better ground effect
  • steel Gears in front and rear diffs
  • Double Cardan Universal joints
  • Floating servo mount
  • Aeration damper

Looks like a fantastic car, I might get the new top deck and floating servo mount.

Translated info below:

Achieve his third consecutive World Championship IFMAR! Appearance specification car world champion has evolved the ultimate!

Was held in the Netherlands in July at "ISTC class world championship IFMAR", has achieved great record third straight as a team by the hands of the Jirusu-Gurosukanpu which entered from (Tamiya Racing Factory) TRF, that domination of the world for the fifth time in total.

This release of "TRF417-3" is the latest spec machine fought world championship.

Carbon 2.25mm lower deck of the flat type is also aimed at rectifying effect at low speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour, 2.0mm Carbon Upper Deck of shape it to match the new design.

In addition, the symmetry properties of design which pursued the role evolving into something completely new and with a new servo mount with left and right integral machined aluminum was floating outside.

Developed a new type aeration oil dampers to achieve a supple suspension to maximize the grip of the tire and control.

Modifiers, such as mounting holes that are based on location and additional mount, the feedback from the battle to suppress the fluttering resetting hole position, 3.5mm carbon damper stay front and back of the body as well have been made.

We aim to win the following equipment fulfilling double cardan drive shaft to exert a profound effect when using a direct drive front, Diff Joint Cup made of steel, such as fluorine seal bearing course.

Upper / Rowadekki

Upper biography and promote Rowadekki of flat shape with a view to the aerodynamic characteristics of the ultra-high-speed range, the adjustment of balance and roll stiffness of the vehicle body.

Integrated servo mount

Aluminum has a shape that connects the left and right servo mount. Are floating outside, put the side mounting fixing pin.

Aeration damper

Aeration newly developed type of touring car damper size in order to maximize the effect "argument damper so-called".

Pre-coated cylinder HL.
[Product Specifications]

RC electric
1/10 scale
Assembly kit

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