Racing at the Cheshire Cats Car club

I've been trying to get over to Congleton to race at the Cheshire cats car club for some time. I discovered the website at the start of ...

I've been trying to get over to Congleton to race at the Cheshire cats car club for some time. I discovered the website at the start of summer, but thanks to a fair bit of clashing commitments I wasn't able to make it over until today.

The club is run in a scout hut in Congleton. Here it is in google maps

The doors open from 12 to help set-up and racing usually finishes around 4pm.

I went down with my Son and although we arrived late we were still able to book in for the races. 

The club will allow most electric RC cars to be run, although 1/10th touring cars made up the field of racers other than one Micro buggy and a Xevo converted to RWD.

The Track layout is excellent, with wooden corner markers and even tyre walls.
The racers were friendly and helped us set-up and gave us tips on what tyres they run (mainly foams). So I quickly fitted a set of Contact 32's on to my car to replace the Sorex tyres I've been running, and just tweaked my roll centre by adjusting the inner camber links on my 417. My son's car is already set-up for foams so we didnt have much to do other than fit the hand-out transponders and take the cars out for a practice.

I have a 13.5 and run it without boost etc, it seemed to be the right amount of power for the track size, I wasn't the fastest on the straight, but I was able to hold my own on the excellent infield section.

Soon we started racing. The Club has 3 qualifying heats and then you get one final. The racing was really good, drivers were fair and there was a lot of good passing moves and battles. 

I was lucky, and my quick set-up seemed to be spot on (It had to happen sometime ;) so I just learned the track and enjoyed my racing. My lad also enjoyed his racing, there was a good mix of children and adults taking part and it made for a great club feel.

We both thought it was great, and will absolutely go again. If you are thinking about taking up RC racing and are near Congleton, you should really pop down and take a look. Its a friendly club with a good range of drivers all willing to help, and have a good race.

For more info check their website and their forum here http://www.cheshirecatcarclub.com/

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