Sweep UK Rug Racers 2012/2013 Round 4

Last Sunday I had my TRF417X out at Rug Racers.  Rug Racers is very local to me so I have my part to do with the set up and general running ...

Last Sunday I had my TRF417X out at Rug Racers.  Rug Racers is very local to me so I have my part to do with the set up and general running of things as a dedicated member.  It would be fair to say this series is close to my heart and I'm a big fan of it.

This time round we made some nice improvements for the event.  The carpets were taped in pairs from the underside with some heavy duty tape, these were then taped on top with black duck tape.  The result I feel was well worth the time and effort as the racing surface became much more consistent and easier to look at.

Once the track was ready I set out for some practice which at first was slippery and soon I had some issues with the servo mount in my car after hitting the barriers with some conviction.  I've been using the excellent Smokem 417MX chassis on my car which so far I am very pleased with, along with this I've been using their floating servo mount.

The servo mount had been fine until that crash and unfortunately afterwards smaller more usual meetings with the barrier would move it as well.  After I fixed this with some servo tape, and later a small plastic servo mount, I managed to put in laps faster than with the floating servo mount so it's probably not for me.  A better driver might feel it's benefits and will probably not crash enough to move it either.  Once the car was running true it was time to get some sleep before the big race.

I was in heat 2 so it was an early start and I went straight into race mode.  The car went on the set up system and the tyres were prepped. I've only recently got tyre warmers and I feel the difference they make is in making the tyres more consistent over the run, which is a real benefit.

Through out qualifying the car felt good and had excellent traction.  In the second heat I set a time of 20/ 308.67 which would ultimately place me 10th right at the back of the A final.  My car was probably too safe and when I put new tyres on in round 3 I set slower times, I reduced the rear toe but in hindsight I should have been braver and done more to give my car more steering.

As far as my driving went in one way I was pleased that I kept it off the barriers and wasn't over driving the car for a change.  After racing the finals and watching the video kindly produced by RC Race TV I feel that I've got a lot to learn!  None the less plenty of fun and great to be on the track with some much better drivers.

Still very pleased with the final result, 8th overall after a 7th and 8th in the finals.  For my set up I think next time I will try a split block front and rear or a solid block but either way the same front and rear.  In the past the split blocks have been my preference so I will likely start there.  You can find my set up from Sunday here.  I'd say it's a pretty easy to drive set up so probably not a bad place to start but probably not the fastest.

As ever a great days racing with some good friends and very much looking forward to the next one on the 10th February, details and booking in can be found on central booking.

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