Tamiya TT02 First pics

** First TT02 build and Review Here  Tamiya TT02 Review 30th Jan 2013 at the International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2013 and Tamiya has released ...

** First TT02 build and Review Here Tamiya TT02 Review

30th Jan 2013 at the International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2013 and Tamiya has released some new cars, most importantly they have pictures of their new TT02 chassis.

Here are the pics

Initial info

  • Revised steering
  • New layout for various handling types
  • Revised suspension geometry
  • Sealed receiver box (For rally / dirt)
  • Lipo compatible
  • Removable diff covers for easier maintenance

more info to follow

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  1. thanks for sharing this nice car here. i love electric rc bil and i am looking forward to buy a rc nitro car.

  2. This was a great article. Thanks for putting these together. My question is around bushed TT02 gearing. A few local guys created a TT02 brushed 540 Tamiya can racing locally. I have a TT02 (sport tuned motor) which started out with 68/25 .6mod gearing. I was not happy with the speed so i decided to grab a 64t spur and 2 pinions 27/29T. Now the motor is only a few months old with occasional 1 time a week local street racing. 2-3 minute heats with 30-60 seconds rest before we go again. We run on/off for about an hour. After i upgraded to the 64/27, my motor burned out after a few short races. I touched teh motor and it didn't seem too hot. I wonder if that gearing is too agressive for a brushed motor. Should i try a fan/heatsink combo or just reduce gearing to say (68/25), i was running 68/25 and it was fine for a while. thoughts? thanks again for your help.



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