Team Trion Shorty Brushless motors

Team Trion have announced their new 'Shorty' brushless motors. As can been seen above they are quite short compared to conventi...

Team Trion have announced their new 'Shorty' brushless motors.

As can been seen above they are quite short compared to conventional motors. Other key info (Taking into account some bad translations):
  • 20-30g lighter than standard size motors
  • low winding resistance
  • Winding is short.Thus, the rotation is increased while keeping the torque even without the advance angle unreasonable.

At the moment they are available in 21.5 and 17.5 winds. 

These are pretty significant, as the shorter length, means that balancing the chassis will be event easier now, and coupled with a shorty lipo we could see some interesting chassis configurations.

These will also be good for older chassis that were around before lipos, as they will help balance out the car more naturally.  

Here is a link to their site, hopefully someone will import them into the UK soon.

Link here

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    1. The can is too short to be BRCA, EFRA, ROAR legal. It must be a minimum of 50mm long.

      The short can means it has to have short stator windings, which means the shorty 21.5T will only have the same amount of wire as a 17-18T normal length motor and makes it impossible to be made race legal for any sanctioned events.

      The Corally Red motors are banned from any blinky or minimum wind class for having too much advance timing built in, these have no chance of being made legal. If they aren't legal there's no point anyone importing them.

    2. Even in your translation it points out that it revs higher than a normal length motor with "Winding is short.Thus, the rotation is increased"



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