Turnigy TD10 1/10 Belt-Driven 4WD Touring Car First Look

Check our detailed and  Full review and build here Hobbyking have gone and smashed open the 1/10th onroad scene with a new chassi...

Check our detailed and Full review and build here

Hobbyking have gone and smashed open the 1/10th onroad scene with a new chassis, the Turnigy TD10 1/10 Belt-Driven 4WD Touring Car.

For an amazing price of $69.99 you get a kit that will be able to potentially give you a high spec TC that will be great for club level racing! Lets take a closer look

Its a classic dual belt design, with an internal ratio of 1.9:1 with a 38t diff (Oil filled gear diffs front and rear!), running to a 20t pulley.

Aluminium Motor mount, and battery strap / lipo holder

It has a FRP chassis (similar to carbon fibre, but with a little more flex), 3mm thick shock towers that are able to withstand collisions.

The drive train has steel universal shafts and the whole drive train has full ball bearings. There are also adjustable aluminium dampers along a full set of turnbuckles to help set up the car to be a winner on your track!

The suspension works of std Pivot blocks and it also has bell crank steering with adjustable ackerman. The only thing it doesn't have is a set of roll bars, although I am sure it will be easy to get some to fit if needed.

It seems to be a mix of TRF416, Sakura and also Xray and on first impression the car looks fantastic value for money and it looks very interesting although it will be interesting to see how it fits together and handles on the track.

Here is the link to Hobbyking, I might get one of these as a wet-car!

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