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We held our 1st meeting on June 30th, it started as a nervous Sunday going through everything that we needed to take. Everything was packed ...

We held our 1st meeting on June 30th, it started as a nervous Sunday going through everything that we needed to take. Everything was packed in the car ready to take so off we went.

When we got to the hall we rolled out the carpet for the 1st time and had to cut it to fit our hall and get the 20m x 10m track that we wanted. Once this was done I left the other committee members to tape the track down and mark it out with the rope while I began setting the computer and timing equipment up. Everything plugged in and we were good to go. We tested the transponders and the all registered.

Next we got going on the booking it, now we weren't sure how many people we would get for our 1st meeting but we ended up with 20 people, 19 of these were touring cars and we had 3 people who had brought gt12 cars along.

So booking in done I clicked print on the computer to print the heat listings and nothing, the printer did nothing. We wrote the heat listings out by hand so people could see where they were and let them get on with a bit of practice while we tried to sort the printer. We couldn't get it to work properly so ended up pressing print screen and printing it via paint!

Apart from the printer we thought things were going well, that was until the end of the 1st round of qualifying! After the 1st round the computer was supposed to start everyone in the position they finished there qualifying in but what it actually did was nothing, it wouldn't allow the next round to start so we had to basically manually start the meeting again but putting everyone in the position they had finished in.

After this the meeting went relatively smoothly apart from the tape not sticking very well on the carpet.

So for the next meeting the computer has to be sorted so it prints automatically and doesn't have to be restarted. These problems are now sorted after a couple of hours messing around with the printer and computer.

We asked alot of the people who were there what they thought about the track, meeting and hall etc. From the feedback we got we need to rethink the track markings as people didn't like the rope that we were using to mark the track as it makes it feel small and isn't particularly friendly to the cars. Apart from that everyone seemed to enjoy it and said that the atmosphere was brilliant.

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  1. Sounds like a great start! Can't expect everything to go perfectly the first time but I think you handled it very well. Also great that you are happy to receive feedback and act on it. This will surely set you on the path to a great club =] Good work!

  2. Looks Great! I hope to come down and race when I am around that way

  3. Here is the facebook group




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