Tamiya 42270 TRF418 first pictures from the Tokyo Hobby show

Here are some of the first pictures of the TRF418 have been posted on the  Waigohobby on facebook  page. Could this be the chassis that w...

Here are some of the first pictures of the TRF418 have been posted on the Waigohobby on facebook page.
Could this be the chassis that wins the next world championship? New suspension geometry is a big deal!
Lots of new parts, some interchangeable with the 417, although the floating servo mount is not quite as sexy looking as the V5

Here you can see the new motor mount (Very similar to the Sepes 417 conversion and the Yokomo) you have the option to fit the screws on the top deck to change the chassis flex. Also you can see the new stabiliser holders and rear bulkheads. Although I do not like the fact there is now only 2 holes for the top arms (Although it was fine on my 415)

Front shocks look to be the std shocks, not low profile like the TB04. The front spool now takes blades (A good thing in my book) the steering rack is also new. The suspension mounts are also std, not redesigned like the cad pictures seemed to show (Good for those with a range of blocks in their pit box)

More info when we get it, but its looking great, and I for one cant wait to get one :)

TRF418 4074824367925005977

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