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The past months were been difficult, if not to say a little painful at the wait after a new Facebook page appeared on March 7th 2013 with th...

The past months were been difficult, if not to say a little painful at the wait after a new Facebook page appeared on March 7th 2013 with the name Soul RC with a photo of two guys striking one of the most unusual poses that you would come to expect.
What made this wait so difficult? Well it was down to two things, the concept and the guys who run it. James Simpson and Mitto Steele have been involved in drifting in one way or another for quite some time so to start, they really know their stuff which translates very well to the scale size and teaching others. They are also the supplied of RC Drift products for Max Speed Technology and a few other brands.

Their main objective from past dealings with them has been to provide the highest level of support possible for all of their customers and visitors to help them get to grips with the world of RC drifting and put them in a position where it helped to strengthen the community. They are living, breathing, talking instruction books.
When you take that into consideration, you can expect that their expectations of a drift venue or track is going to be quite high. That puts them into a great position to provide drivers what they are looking for which is a challenging yet enjoyable surface and venue.
Going back to the concept itself, what they have done is not anything unusual but done what they would expect themselves and what it seems they would enjoy. It is more of a drift lounge more than a drift track so has a less competitive and more friendly vibe about it. Same again, nothing new but the way it has been crafted is what makes it something quite special.

So how did the launch go? Well rather than turning up, it is on a prebook system online via their website which was quite nice so it allowed you to have your own space to work on your car and not have to worry about being too crowded. You can turn up but depending on how busy it is, you might not get a space.
Depending on your skill level, you have the option of the VIP area which is useful. This allows you priority support on tuning your chasiss to get the best out of it or simply to get help or a better understanding on how to develop your technique further. I would say a nice service to offer without the worry of being stuck in a queue and not getting your chance for support.

The track itself is intense due to a very high quality carpet that has been used and one simple rule, no shoes on track so bringing slippers may sound odd but is optional. Running a carpet track for drifting is great since it means virtually zero wear on your tyres meaning less cleaning. They have also left sections which have raised up causing ripples making it look more realistic as you make your way around the track.
Detailing on track is also turning out to be great so as you drive around, it looks even better and feels more realistic. Adding little details makes such a nice impact on the track and it is always improving with parts being made or donated by regular members.

With a mixture like this, it may sound very fanboyish but it is one of the best venues that I have visited especially now that they have a monthly competition followed by a track change meaning its always evolving. It's not often you come across somewhere that you get to hang out with distributors at their offices with music slicing through the air as you drift around the track with them and so many other members.

To summarise, for anyone who is into RC drifting and wants to go one step further in terms of learning new techniques, purchase a new dedicated drift chassis or some dedicated surface related drift tyres, it is worth a visit down to Soul RC and get yourself into the action.
For more information on Soul RC please visit their Facebook page on  or their website direct.
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  1. Brilliant write up! Looks like a fantastic place to go. Looking forward to more drift articles :)

  2. I have been modeling for nearly 30 years iv done cars, bikes, boats, planes, helicopters and hovercraft but never drifting so i recently visited SoulRC and to be honest......... I've never been to such a well presented venue. The guys know what they are talking about are friendly regardless of your experience. I would advise anyone with an interest in rc drifting to visit SoulRC and see for your self.

    1. Well I have not been into the scene for too long but from the many tracks I have visited, for a track with one purpose, the presentation here I agree is the best I have seen so far. So much to the point where I am now there twice a week helping new members learn the lines, try new techniques.

      I agree, anyone interested in RC drifting has to touch down at Soul RC at some point. I think its going to give the UK a nice boost in the number of drivers and hopefully allow us to then compete on a larger scale.



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