42270 Tamiya TRF418 Arrived, build and first impressions

Update - Indepth Build and review Click - here   New contributor Gordie has already received his TRF418. Here are some pics of the buil...

Update - Indepth Build and review Click - here 

New contributor Gordie has already received his TRF418. Here are some pics of the build and some early impressions / call outs.

Build Pics

Notice the new bulkheads, now keyed to ensure there will be no tweak.

 The new motor mount and spur holder, are also keyed into the new chassis plate with some small cut-outs to help flex.

Added the new arms, just a little shaving needed if you fit the suggested shims in the manual.
The ball studs are spaced as if they have a 2mm washer built in
The new roll-bars are like the TA06 versions, You can see there are much less suspension settings on the arm, also the bulkhead only now has 2 settings, long or short camber links

Other things of note:

  • The new steering arms are an improvement over the 417.
  • The new suspension arms will fit a 417
  • The diffs are also the same as a 417.
  • There is a new flanged bearing for the layshaft, different to the 417.
  • Would like to see a better sway bar centering system soon. 2 lock Downs in the bar is getting old. Would like to see something like Yokomo, Serpent and Arc.
  • Standard lipo mounting is just tape but used included tree parts and used servo mounts to keep lipo in a solid position.

Initial Track Time impressions.

Ready for the Track

Took out the car and won at the track on Asphalt :) Things are looking very good :) Overall its looking very much like a big step forward over the 417 

trf 7541250645179163827

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