International Carpet Challenge - Day 2

Another early start to the day and it was much harder to get out of bed this time.  A colder and mistier start to the day both in terms of w...

Another early start to the day and it was much harder to get out of bed this time.  A colder and mistier start to the day both in terms of weather and mentality, I hadn't left the house and I was missing my bed already.

Today I decided to put new tyres on for the final round of qualifying in order to improve my position for the finals.  The track was cold and I was first out so I thought this was the best time to take advantage .  I had a good first minute or so, the new tyres were working a treat and I could push the car and drive on the limit.  Then whilst exiting the first chicane my car suddenly hooked and span whilst I was at full throttle.  The result was my car hitting the barriers pretty hard.  This ended my run as a driveshaft had half way popped out of the spool outdrive, jamming the front wheels.  To add insult to injury Freddy Sudhoff, my team manager was marshalling close to where I crashed and attempted to fix the car track side.  Whilst I was grateful I was also a little embarrassed.

Luckily the damage wasn't great or permanent, I had it fixed within a few minutes and I was relieved that my qualifying position was at least maintained and so I prepared to line up 9th in the B final, 19th overall.  I can't pretend to be happy with this result from qualifying as I felt I had under performed but nonetheless I prepared my car and myself as if it were any other race.

The first final got under way and I had a good first lap making up a position or two.  Then there was an incident ahead of me which I slowed for and drove past a crashed car or two whilst ensuring those who could rejoined the race without hitting my car.  Unfortunately on the next lap one of the cars I had passed made a move on me in the second chicane which resulted with my car stuck in the barriers.  When this kind of thing happens I have always used the same solution, forget it and put in some clean, fast laps.  Eventually I finished 6th and enjoyed some racing with a friend of mine, James Ward.

The second final was a very similar affair to the first.  I had a good first lap and made up a position or two but this time on the second lap I took a hit out of the hairpin and drove into the barrier on the subsequent corner.  I dropped way down the field after this but again drove some clean, fast laps to finish 6th again.

For the third final I chose to make some set up changes as my car was on the limit of grip rolling.  I lowered the roll centres which worked a treat and also freed the car up a little around the slower corners.  Unfortunately my driving wasn't up to it for this one and I made a number of mistakes, possibly due to tiredness or possibly due to a lack of talent.  Eventually I finished 7th.

So in terms of racing certainly not one of my best and perhaps some results I'd be better off forgetting.  However it was not a bad day!  Terry Yarranton, who's car I helped fix the day before was disappointed to miss out on the A final but put in some impressive driving to take the B final win and take home an ICC plaque.  The atmosphere in our pits was a little more sleepy but still upbeat and joyful, it's hard to feel down about some bad results whilst surrounded by such good friends.

I was also pleased to find some time where myself, Mark Young, Terry Yarranton and Freddy Sudhoff were all free so we could have a chat and make introductions.  We spoke about our cars, how we were handling the challenges presented with our tyres and Freddy showed us some prototype parts which looked great.

Freddy put on a great show in the modified A finals with some very close racing and expert driving.  It really was good to see and had me on the edge of my seat.  I suggest to anyone who wasn't there or wasn't watching the live stream to check out the video here:

The team behind the ICC and also the Essex Winter Series put on a great event which I hope will be the start of many more to come.  Results can be found here:  http://rcracingtv.net/ews-live-results/

Today I remembered to bring my camera and here are the photos I took.

My car

Terry Yarranton's car

Mark Young's car

The crowd gathers in anticipation of the modified A final

Richard King (right), Awesomatix team driver, and fellow organiser Mark Buonaiuto (left) drving in the Prostock A final

Modified A final grids up

Modified cars moving too fast for my camera

Freddy Sudhoff (left) and Olly Jefferies (right) driving in the Modified A final

Jimmy Madison (left) and Mark Young (right) driving in the Stock A final

It was obvious to see how much the track had rubbered in once the corner markings were removed

Terry Yarranton collecting his plaque for winning the Stock B final

Freddy Sudhoff collecting his plaque for 2nd place in the Modified A final

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