Xray Composite servo saver X-Stiff V2 mini Review

After building the TRF418 one of the things that many find is that to get full lock you really need a 18mm hole on the servo horn. I...

After building the TRF418 one of the things that many find is that to get full lock you really need a 18mm hole on the servo horn.

I used the Solid aluminium Tamiya part, and whilst its great, I race on a tight indoor circuit with very brutal boards, so every time I would clip a corner I would wince, hoping that the £90 Sanwa had survived.

So it was time to find a servo saver that would have the right length, stiff and would not get sloppy after a few runs. My first choice is usually Kimborough servo savers, but they do not make any that are the right size that will fit in a modern touring car.

So after a bit of research noticed that Xray made a V2 servo saver, in both stiff and extra-stiff varieties. I went for the X-Stiff version, even though it was expensive as I wanted something that I hopped would replicate the direct feel of the servo horn.

Note -The V2 in the title is very important as the earlier version is not as tall (16mm).  

Demon Racing  quickly dispatched the servo saver and I just had to build it before my nights racing


The contents of the bag, you can fit on any 23,24 and 25 teeth servos as it has fittings for all
There is no manual included in the pack, but you have to assemble the saver by fitting the 4 springs on the main spindle in size order.

I tried to fit the springs, and they were crazy stiff. I was really struggling to get them to fit. I then changed the technique and fitted the two composite parts together and then pushed the springs on the main spindle from the bottom.
Slips in
This technique made it really easy and the whole thing took less than a minute to assemble.
There you have it.

On the Track

So with the saver fitted, I took the car out for some racing. Needless to say it delivered, the steering was still as crisp as before, and even though I suffered a couple of accidental meetings with the boards the saver soaked up the impact and there was no slop.

In fact after quite a few races the saver is still firm, and precise. I'm racing on a large open track next week and I will actually just leave this in the car, as there is not really any need to swap it back to the horn, as I notice no determinable difference between the two.

I would recommend this for anyone who needs a servo saver for their TRF418, Mi5 etc.

Xray 8940923472083904850

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  1. This helped me as there are no instructions.. using on a TC7

  2. hi will this servo saver fit into the TT02? thanks



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