Tamiya 54550 TT02 Low Friction Step screw Mini Review

The TT02 is a great entry car, with a lot of potential to tune it up ( Check out our review here )

The TT02 is a great entry car, with a lot of potential to tune it up (Check out our review here)

However the steering does have a bit of slop. Whilst this is ok at first, making the car very easy to drive, at some time in the future you will want to make the car more exact, especially when racing or drifting.

Tamiya has released the following hop ups that will help reduce the slop
  • Tamiya 54575 TT-02 Aluminum Steering Bridge
  • Tamiya 54574 TT-02 Aluminum Racing Steering Set
Expect a review of these parts soon, however there is also the newly released hop-up above, that will offer quick cheap way to improve the slop.

Whats in the packet?

As you can see there is not a lot, there are the two fluorine coated step screws and an included hex driver to attach the new posts.
As you can see on the picture above, the step screw is slightly larger, and the cap is larger, ensuring that the arms will have a slightly larger holding radius on the top, reducing the amount of leverage and slop.
Fitting the screw is simple, the way to fit this with minimum slop is to do the following steps.

  1. Remove the steering arm and servo link so the steering moves freely.
  2. Remove the old step screws
  3. Screw one of the new screws into the arm until the steering does not move freely.
  4. Then move the screw in small increments 1/16 of a turn until the arm starts to move again
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 again and you will then have free moving arms with minimum lateral slop.
  6. Attach the steering arm to the servo again

Here is a little Video where you can hopefully see the difference of the arm movement for the original part and the new hop-up.


A great hop up for the price. Its cheap and it does help reduce the slop, but in no way is it completely gone though. For the price though I would recommend it if you do not want to splash out on the aluminium steering parts. Although expect a review of those very soon.

Available from Fusion Hobbies here
TT02 280696639775705689

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