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Parts are tested on the Track at  many large events Samix are a new company on the scene that have been making some interesting tuning p...

Parts are tested on the Track at  many large events
Samix are a new company on the scene that have been making some interesting tuning parts for TRF and Yokomo chassis. Here is a brief interview with the guys

Q- Tell us about yourself
We are a small and humble company aiming to be recognized Worldwide. Enthusiastic to provide customers with the highest quality products!

Q- The TRF418 is a great car, how do you go about your process of deciding what areas to improve?
Yes, I have to agree the 418 is a big improvement from the old V5 chassis. But I believe every cars can be improved in some ways. The conversion kit is my our first product under our branding. With the help of our team driver, Nicholas, we bonded really well and worked things together.
Floating Layshaft with the mount, and also a softer chassis

Q- How to you decide if they are good enough to release? (Do you race them, have a team of people giving feedback etc)
Nicholas tested our prototypes and give plenty of feedbacks to which areas can be improved and we worked towards giving him the best before he left for TITC. Maybe not many knows who he is because he only races mainly in Asia at the moment. He qualified and finished 8th at the TITC Modified race using our chassis and I must say it is impressive! 1 month before the race, he asked me if I could make some chassis for him to test. So we made a few different types and he chose the one that we are selling it now. Different chassis we made have different characteristic and he believed that this one is really easy to drive on both high and low traction tracks.
Nicholas Lee(left) and Trin.T (right)
Q- Where can i buy it from?
It is available now! RCmart is already selling it, and you can contact us via our Facebook page

Q- What are your future plans?
I plan to make some options parts at a more affordable price but quality just as good if not, better than the original parts. My next project is to make the internal gear box for the Tamiya trucks. We will release option chassis for Yokomo BD7 as well.

It's always great to have new racers helping improve our cars, here is their facebook page.

SAMIX Facebook
trf 5831026006763696020

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