Schumacher Mi5evo 1/10th Competition Touring Car First look

Schumacher has announced a revision to the Mi5. The original car had some great innovations, but it also had some rather annoying issue...

Schumacher has announced a revision to the Mi5. The original car had some great innovations, but it also had some rather annoying issues such as it being very hard to maintain a good set-up and the parts wearing out rather quickly. However when its all working well the car is quick.
This car looks fast when standing still, and you can notice that the car is even lower now

(We have a review of the original, which covers this in more detail although I need to get the author to finish it!).
Mid motor conversion is still possible with part no #U4576

It's good to see that a new evolution of the car is coming soon, with some potentially big improvements such as the motor placement becoming more inline and the shocks becoming even more low profile to keep the c.o.g low.
This car looks like a work of art!
The steering has also been revised with more adjustment, which was an issue with the original car if you wanted to soften the steering on high grip.
Here you can see a more robust hub / hinge pin assembly, hopefully that will not get slop
The wishbone pivots look like a more chunky robust solution.
Here you can see the revised rear end hub / wishbone on the Mi5 Evo
We are really excited to see this release, the original was a big jump and this evolution of the car looks like it can really make the chassis reach even better results on the track.  More info soon, here is the marketing blurb!

Schumacher Mi5evo 1/10th Competition Touring Car

The Mi5evo from Schumacher is an entirely new Competition Touring Car developed from the BRCA National Championship winning and popular Mi5 platform.

Superbly engineered and equipped with some revolutionary design features, the Mi5evo enables the racer even more tunability for both carpet and asphalt tracks.The Mi5evo has an ultra low centre of gravity which gives the car fantastic corner speed. This combined with a wider span vertical top deck offers both a responsive and nimble feel, yet is forgiving and consistent to drive. Ideal for all levels of driver.

Lighter than the Mi5, yet even more robust and durable, the Mi5evo chassis offers an extremely wide window of set up. With a host significant changes such as, optimised motor position 4.5mm closer to centreline, shorter shocks but with the same stroke, new steering system with tuneable ackerman options, new mouldings and pins for lower un-sprung weight and revised body posts and clamps, to name but a few!

The Schumacher Mi5evo..... Race Winning Innovation!

Source Schumacher Racing
Schumacher 8451606093545521150

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