Marc Rheinard Leads a TRF domination at ETS round 6

Round 6 of the E.T.S was at the excellent Hudy Racing arena this weekend, and Tamiya's Team TRF continued the momentum from the last r...

Round 6 of the E.T.S was at the excellent Hudy Racing arena this weekend, and Tamiya's Team TRF continued the momentum from the last round with a compelling result, taking 1st (Marc Rheinard) 2nd (Victor Wilk), 4th (Jilles Grosskamp) and 7th (Akio Sobue).

It is telling that the team has been working well together, and they have been developing some new parts to really help push the speed of the car as they have been chasing Ronald Volker with his Yokomo BD7 who has been almost untouchable for most of this series.

There are still a few more months to go before the worlds, so a lot can still happen, but for all enthusiasts is seems that this world championship will be exciting with Tamiya once again seeming to rise to the challenge in the fashion that has helped them win so many previous world championships. Most importantly, the Tamiya drivers all seem very positive about the changes that they have made to the car, and this can only help the team.

As to what the changes are to the car, looking at various pictures there are not a great deal of obvious changes although its always about minor details. A split style motor mount has been mentioned along with a refined gear diff that has helped the car be more consistent.
Pics from Team Xray

Here are Videos of the A-Main rounds 1 and 2
Round 1

Round 2

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  1. Although my mates said it looks virtually identical to the released 418 (they were Tamiya fan boys but couldn't get on with it so changed) it actually has; different, chassis, top deck, bulkheads and gear diff. Victor Wilck said the biggest change was the gear diff which was 0.2s better when they tried swapping back and forth (previous testing, not that ETS race).
    Both mates have said they will definitely get the new car when it comes out :-)

    1. Thanks for the info, I have also been told the motor mount is different as well as the upper and lower decks being softer. Sounds like it will be cool, the Diff alone will be a good upgrade for any TRF by the sounds of that :)

    2. Yep, he said the gear diff was the single best change. apparently has a larger oil volume and smoother gears (can't remember if he said they were larger also)



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