Latest Tamiya TRF419, FF04 Evo and TT02 Type-S Tamiya info

Here are some new pics of the Tamiya Chassis to be shown at the Hobby show a the end of September.. They are small though so you will need t...

Here are some new pics of the Tamiya Chassis to be shown at the Hobby show a the end of September.. They are small though so you will need to squint. Here is the latest Tamiya info (translated) for each


It is the New Weapon of TRF aimed at four consecutive IFMAR World Championship pathless. Along with the review the chassis balance, Upper & Lower carbon deck new shape to be reflected in the driving performance and creating actively bending. Adopt a dedicated carbon damper stays with new damper which corresponds to various road conditions, exert a consistently high grip force. The contents say was redesigned major parts, a full model change. TRF Series No.185 1 / 10RC TRF419 CHASSIS KIT (TENTATIVE) (42285) motor mount and drive belts front and rear, front and direct cup also new parts including ★ Giyadefu (Diff). ★ I have a new shape Aluminum Upper & Lower bulkhead of the front and rear.

FF-04 EVO 

FF chassis lot of fans has evolved into the fourth generation in the cornering performance of the front-wheel drive unique. Use the carbon double deck Roy 2.5mm, Upper 2.0mm, adopted suspension arms of the same shape foot around the pure racer TRF418. Also, it is possible to reduce interference with the road surface and the corner of the chassis when entering by mounting the XV-01 gear box with built-in Giyadefu, we raised more turning performance. 1/10 RC Car 1 / 10RC FF-04 EVO CHASSIS KIT (84394) chassis configuration that was stuck on the weight balance of the left and right ★. ★ Equipped with double cardan drive shaft and TRF damper. ★ The effective response to the centralization of mass, also low profile servo. ■ TT-02 TYPE-S


I've upgraded basic chassis of the shaft drive 4WD with excellent driving efficiency, the TT-02. Suspension is adopted (long) reversible suspension. Using a metal suspension mount high rigidity, it is set to 3 times of the rear toe. Equipped with CVA oil dampers to 3.0mm thickness FRP dampers stay only. Optimize the rebound stroke and damper mounting angle, gap drivability also been improved. 1/10 RC Car Series No.600 1 / 10RC TT-02 TYPE-S CHASSIS KIT (58600) Use the turnbuckle shaft etc. ★ upper arm. ★ drive shaft and cup joint all-metal. ★ drive system Full ball bearings. ★ torque motor with tune
TT02 3442783357179842302

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