15% Discount at RC Bearings UK for RC Racers!

We are pleased to say that  http://www.rcbearings.co.uk/  are offering our readers a fantastic 15% discount on their bearings up until th...

We are pleased to say that http://www.rcbearings.co.uk/ are offering our readers a fantastic 15% discount on their bearings up until the end of 2014.

To do this you just need to go to our facebook page and like it, and send us a message via the page where we will give you the discount code which will be linked to your name.

RC bearings has a great range of bearings. With sets for most available cars listed on their site. There are a range of bearings to choose from, including standard metal ones or for those who like to run in the wet or dirt some with rubber seals.

They also have the the Real Colour Bearings, these are a great upgrade from standard bearings and are good for club level racing.

At the top of the range they also have a large amount of Ceramic Bearings that will ensure your car has the same smooth drive train as the pro's at the club.

Note : The code will be valid only on the website orders, and RCBearings has the right to remove the voucher at any time.

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