Tamiya TB Evo 4 2015 edition (Part 2)

Following on from the last update (See here) the EVO IV conversion has really come on leaps and bounds. Eric Bresser has sent us the ...

Following on from the last update (See here) the EVO IV conversion has really come on leaps and bounds. Eric Bresser has sent us the following update.

After the last update I designed the new carbon plates and a new servo mount in a cad package. I am really happy with the results, especially with the floating servo mount as it was complex to create in the cad package, but the end results are great.
As you can see there are two of each of the the carbon parts. I wanted to try a range of flex to see what would work, also you can see the upper decks and two types of design that I was keen to track test.

Here are the specs for the new parts

Bottom deck:

  • 10mm more narrow than the original
  • Lipo ready
  • Different positions to mount the lipo for weight balance
  • Lipo position for shorty lipo
  • Mounting for floating servo mount

Top deck:

Here is the front of the Top deck, You can also see the lipo spacer on the inside of the servo mount
  • Thinner and lighter than original
  • Better fit for mounting the lipo more inwards with no problem with battery-connectors
Here is the rear of the top deck,  you can see the TB04 gear diff installed in the car.
  • The design is more like TB Evo 6 top deck
  • 3 different mounting positions for the aluminium centre post to affect flex characteristics

Shock towers front and rear:

Here is the front shock tower, Notice the TB04 Spool which is a direct fit in the car
  • Redesigned shock towers to fit low profile (TB04 and TRF 42273 short shocks)
Here are the rear towers, you can really notice the low stance of the car now its using the low profile shocks.
  • Revised mounting points to work with the new TRF arms

Carbon steering brace:

The brace is mounted on the steering arms and mounted higher to pass over the prop shaft.
  • Carbon steering brace to give a more direct feeling for the steering

Floating servo mount:

A 3D Printed part for the servo mount, it's working well and is strong enough to use at the track.
  • New design servo mount, just only for Evo IV
  • Will only fit this special chassis, while chassis is more narrow the servo hangs over with the chassis being allowed to flex more for better mechanical grip.

Other changes

New in the car is also the TB04 spool (Tamiya Part no 54592), its a direct fit and when using all of the other TB04 gears (Bevels etc) you do not need to modify the gears with sandpaper anymore to fit in the car. (like in part one)
The front end as 1C at the front and 1C on the inner front suspension mounts.
I also updated the car with the aluminium suspension mounts from the TB03 / TB Evo V / VI. The Evo IV is/was using very some high roll-centre positions, now I have more set-up options to adjust the roll, sometimes I like more movement in the car so the low roll-center positions are great.

Track Test

I tried the car in a 17.5 blinky class (with motor timing) and the car was working great all weekend.
There was not a load of racers but it was a perfect time to check the car and parts. I could TQ and win all A-mains.

Next up was the time to take the car at my local indoor track. I was very fast with this chassis straight from the first time I placed it down, and after only two batteries I could manage the same lap times as my old Xray T3 2012 which the car had replaced. (This is also with the same electronics). I was really happy with this result. The car was feeling really competitive on the track and I have a great base to discover even more potential with the chassis to ensure the car will be even faster once I perfect the set-up.

Thanks again to Eric Bresser, I hope you like what you have seen, It would be great to hear about other racers who have transformed their old cars to be battling back on track.

trf 1565084295221323391

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  1. Very well done...I have followed the Part One and I have modified my old glorious TB EVO IV as welll...I have a question for Eric Bresser..can you send a file for me with the picture of the new chassis and shock towers with all the measurement? I have a friend you could be interested in this modify...send it to donair1986@yahoo.it...thanks a lot

    1. Hi Marco,

      I have passed your details on to Eric,

  2. I'd be interested too in getting more info about the chassis as I'd be able to get the aluminum chasiss cut.

    It'd be great if you could pass the info.


    1. You can send me a message via the contact form and I can put you in contact with Eric who has made this excellent conversion.

  3. The item #54592 (w/o others mod) can combine with original EVO IV gear to replace the spool #49359 (not to be found)?

  4. Is there a parts list needed to upgrade the car? And I’m very interested in your cad files of the chassis and top deck. It would be very kind id you can share it with me to upgrade my evo4. Thank you! My email adress is gabrielzhang030123@163.com , you can reply there.



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