Rug Racers Date Change & Rug Racers Reloaded

Here at www.thercracer.com we'll be bringing you all the latest news, announcements and race reports from the revamped Rug Racers ser...

Here at www.thercracer.com we'll be bringing you all the latest news, announcements and race reports from the revamped Rug Racers series based in Hertfordshire.  We'll be bringing you all the details of the series shortly but first here's an important announcement.

Rug Racers Round 1 - 11th October 2015  CANCELLED

Rug Racers Reloaded - 27th September 2015 CONFIRMED!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to cancel the first round of the Rug Racers series.  This is due to a clash of dates chosen for the first round of EWS and the unfortunate changes to the BRCA calendar this year which leaves all parties unable to reschedule appropriately.

However despite being unable to begin the Rug Racers series at our traditional time we would still like to welcome you to our now 5 round series starting on 1st November 2015.  Additionally we’d like to invite you to our brand new launch event Rug Racers Reloaded on 27th September to introduce all of the major improvements we have been hard at work on and to celebrate this milestone in Rug Racers history.

We’re very excited to be able to host this one off special event not only to showcase the new look of our series but also to invite you to compete for the Martin Laxton Memorial Cup.  Martin was a man who had a great impact on many of us, our club and our series.  It’s only fair to say we wouldn’t be here today without him.  Therefore we’re proud to present this special trophy at this special event and we hope you can join us in our tribute to Martin.

Rug Racers Reloaded will be your first chance to check it all out and get prepared for the series starting in November.  Full details for Rug Racers and Rug Racers Reloaded including the Martin Laxton Memorial Cup will be released just as soon as we can confirm them but here’s a taste of what you can expect...

NEW NEW NEW Black “ETS” carpet - with more bite than a tiger!

No tape on top of the track - the whole racing surface can be used!

High quality unique track markings with flat curbing - clip the curb not the corner, without upsetting the ride of the cars!

Pre scrutineering checks - fair and safe racing for all classes!

Tracks for all ages and abilities - plenty of room to learn, plenty of space to make a pass!

Joe Brown as race director - waxing lyrical like you don’t know how!

Hot food and drink - and not a chance of rain!

4 Rounds of FTQ and 2 Finals for everyone - because we all love racing!

Another major change TBA in the coming weeks - it’s going to change the way you see things!

Watch this space for our latest news and we hope to see you all at Rug Racers and Rug Racers Reloaded.

  • Rug Racers Reloaded - 27th September 2015

Then the Series continues with the following championship rounds.

  • Rug Racers RD1 - 1st November 2015
  • Rug Racers RD2 - 6th December 2015
  • Rug Racers RD3 - 3rd January 2016
  • Rug Racers RD4 - 7th February 2016
  • Rug Racers RD5 - 6th March 2016

Here's some teaser pics of the new black carpet but remember at Rug Racers and Rug Racers Reloaded we will be using the full size 32m x 16m track.

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