GRP GFX10-S2 and GFX20-S2 F1 Tyres track test

One of the series that I am most excited about is the UK BRCA F1 nationals. This series is going to be good fun with ETS legal 2 cell 21.5...

One of the series that I am most excited about is the UK BRCA F1 nationals. This series is going to be good fun with ETS legal 2 cell 21.5turn and GT12 spec 1 cell 13.5turn cars running together.

The spec tyre chosen was the new GRP GFX10-S2 and GFX20-S2. So as soon as they were available in the UK I purchased a pair to give a track test to see how they would compare to the Tamiya's and Pits that I have used.

Closer look

The Tyres come in a resealable plastic bag. The first thing you notice is that the main running surface already looks scrubbed in.
Tyres are scrubbed in straight from the packet.
Getting the tyres to work is a common issue with most F1 tyres as they take a while to come good, so these GRP tyres aim to give you a good amount of their available grip from the start.

I fitted them to to the car, The rears looked fine, but the fronts were a little bit hard to fit as the bearings took a while to fit. I managed to get them in after a little bit of gentle working.

I had not Idea how they would handle on my TRF101 so I just loaded both front and rear with additive. The front's literally sucked up all of the SXT that I applied onto them like a sponge.. the rears stayed wet for the 10 mins before the heat.

Track test

As I took the car out I noticed that the tyres has more grip that I was expecting. The front tyres gave much more steering than the Tamiya Tyres, and just a little less grip than the Pit 571's that I had fitted previously.
I usually run pits 571 and 572
The rears however seemed to have quite a lot less grip than the pits, and felt very similar to the Tamiyas. I could hit the throttle and the rear would kick out, something that was impossible with the pits.

I was well down on the time that I had posted with the pits, and the car was a handful (The TRF101 is usually the complete opposite, almost too calm to drive).
The GRP tyres are fitted and soaking in the additive (Not heaters used)
I changed the set-up slightly on the car to make the rear end a little softer, and I gave the Rears a 20 minute soak and the fronts just 5 minutes.

This time out the car was much better, the rears were much more locked and the car was overall easier to drive than before and it felt similar to the pits. Over the 5 minute run I was only a lap down (about 8 seconds) so for a limited run time that's pretty good.

I'm going to have some more tests to get these working better but they are not a bad set of tyres for a spec class.  I also have a few F1 options to test. The new TRF front end, and also the TRF102 are both waiting for a build and review so expect more F1 coverage soon.
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