TRF419 tight and twisty Carpet Set-up

My TRF419 has been a great car, consistently hanging around at the top of the time sheets. However as a racer I always want to improve on th...

My TRF419 has been a great car, consistently hanging around at the top of the time sheets. However as a racer I always want to improve on the car and get even more speed. Following a conversation with some fellow TRF racers I took my set-up into a new direction to get even more corner speed with the car to improve my lap-times.

Here is the set-up

As you can see there are a fair few changes to my previous set-up, I have been working on this for quite a few weeks. 

I have have moved around the roll centres to help the car react better for some of the little chicanes that are popular at my track to keep the speeds down. 

The wheelbase is short, but the tight track that I race at always features a number of 180 degree turns. So I need to get the car to go around those as easily as possible. 

I've also totally ditched running front arm sweep. I found it hooked the car a little too much for my liking, so I calmed it down by going back to the C blocks in the front rear. 
Tight ninja training track
The steering ackermann has also changed. I have been using the excellent RC Crew chief software for a while now, and one of the later features include your cars steering settings. I am trying to work out the best possible slip angle for Sorex 28 Blacks. The current ackermann values seem to work well with the tyres life span lasting longer than before the change. Also in the race the temperature seems to remain consistent over the whole run.

The other main change is the motor mount screws. I run 1 screw at the front (and in the top deck) and two in the rear. This really gave me that extra little bit I needed as I now have a really stable rear end as I throttle out hard from an apex of a 180 turn. 

Going forward the only other thing I am tempted to try is a thicker rear roll bar, and maybe just a dash less front droop.

RC Crew Chief

The good thing is that I have been able to refine the car, even when not racing thanks to the RC Crew Chief software. I use it to make a few changes when at home, and then I use that to give me some pointers when I get to my track. Nothing will be as good as hours and hours at the track, but as I cannot be there all the time, this really helps me out. If you haven't tried it yet you should take a look as it has a free trial and there are lots of tutorials. 

Here is our review of the software if you want more info (RC Crew chief review)

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