Basher BSR BT-4 mid season update

Since the review of the BT-4 the car has been raced regularly by my son so I thought I would do a little update on how it has performed a...

Since the review of the BT-4 the car has been raced regularly by my son so I thought I would do a little update on how it has performed and coped with the rigours of racing.

Since the review, It has been raced on a low grip carpet, running 13.5 blinky. In the few months he has been using it I have only had a few minor issues.

The car was running superbly for him at the low grip track, but all of a sudden the spur gear stripped. I was a little startled with this as there were no big collisions and when I checked for the obvious issues such as a loose motor, everything was fine. I popped in a second spur and after a few practice laps it started to make a crunching sound again. I then noticed that one of the 2.5 x 8mm screws that hold the pulley shaft was loose.
I used a longer screw to hold the shaft. The hop-up pulleys were only used as they were so cheap in the hobbyking sale
I tried to tighten it up but it didn't seem to grip the pulley shaft. On closer inspection it looked like screw thread along the outer edge of the  was a little worn, so the screw was coming loose. I replaced the screw with a 2.5 x 12mm screw and since then I have not had an issue.

The diff did originally sweat a little oil.  I rebuilt it once to chance the oil, whilst there I replaced the o-rings with two others that I had in my pit box, and also used a liberal amount of green slime on the outer edge off the inner gasket. This seems to have worked well, and the diff still feels good, and there is not any gunge on the belts so I assume it is not leaking much.

The only other issue I have had is one of the pins holding the battery strap in the car fell out. A minor issue and one that was just down to me not over-tightening it in the first place.

That's it for issues, nothing has broken and all of the plastic parts still feel tight without any slop.


From an upgrades point of view, I would recommend stabilizers for the front and rear. These are essential if you want to race competitively on a track with a decent amount of grip, as you can gain more corner speed,


Here is the revised set-up that he is using

Overall I am still very impressed, a few other drivers have decided to get the the BT-4 as it is a cheap entry into the exciting world of touring car racing, and it would be a great stock chassis for a club class. More importantly my son really enjoys racing it and has even managed to claim a trophy with it :).

The BSR BT-4 is available from hobbyking here (link)
setting sheet 8664389160167338212

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  1. Thanks for this update, always good to hear about small issues & how durable the car is. Appreciate all you do, & good luck at the track!



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