Team Titan Blitz ALS-R Review

The Team Titan Blitz shells have been a bit of a favourite of mine for some time. I am a big fan of the TSX and GSF shells and was keen ...

The Team Titan Blitz shells have been a bit of a favourite of mine for some time. I am a big fan of the TSX and GSF shells and was keen to try out the ALS-R shell.

According to the manufacturers spec it is for high grip circuits, so I thought it would be good to try it out at the excellent MB Raceway track.

MB Raceway has only been open for a few months and it is one of the only permanent indoor on-road carpet tracks in the UK. Based in the beautiful but surprising surroundings of a country club, it has adequate parking it is a superb track.

I took the car out and worked on a few test laps to tune the car to the sticky track. The track has black ETS carpet and as it is always down the grip level is quite spectacular. The car would grip roll with the GSF shell if I drove at the speeds I would normally use to hold the TRF419 around an apex. To address this I softened the car up to ensure that it would combat the grip roll and then gave it a few laps to get the feel for the circuit.

I ran for about 10 minutes with the GSF and tool a look at my best lap time (11.46) I was able to get my best 10 lap average within 0.4 seconds so I was happy that I had got the car working OK at the track.

I then swapped on the ALS-R and waited for my second pack to peak charge as I spoke to the guys at the track. They also were really impressed with MB raceway and one noted how the track had good access for wheelchair users with a podium that will allow them easy access, giving them the same advantage as the other racer. Excellent stuff!

With the battery charged I took out the ALS-R. The first thing I noticed was how much more front grip the shell was giving me, the turn in was incredible. This however was at the expense of the rear of the car, and I could quite easily throw the rear end out and have a large amount of over-steer. Normally I like my cars to have over-steer as it suits my smooth driving style as I can just engage it if I want to get around a tight section of the track without having to slow down. The problem here was that the grip levels were so high that the excessive front down-force would make the rear end almost to keen to kick out. I dialled out a little more of my steering throw on the Sanwa and this settled the car down on the apex.

I was getting used to the car now. The car has less overall downforce at the rear but more at the front. So it was a little unbalanced, and it did find it harder to be consistent than the GSF.

After a good few laps I tool a look at the times and I had gone a little faster (11.35) but my best 10 was worse (Around 0.6 seconds).

I had to get back to the family so cut short my time at the track, but will go back again.

I wanted to give the ALS-R another go at my local track as I was really familiar with the track. My local track is small and tight and the carpet is good, but the grip is nowhere as high as that at MB.

The car here was actually much better with the ALS-R shell. Maybe the fact that the front tyres would slip earlier on the carpet took the edge of the front end. I found the car felt pretty good. So much so that I thought I would use it for my final.

For the final I had managed to be first on the grid, so as the starting sounded I launched off and managed to keep ahead by the first corner that was only a few metres from the grid. However as this happened I got hit at the rear and span out facing the wrong way. I quickly swung the car around and took chase.  The Sorex were not up to temperature (I was nattering too much and forgot to put them on the car). So I was a little cautious on the first few laps. Fortunately the 2nd and 3rd place drivers had got into a tight battle and were slowing each other down that I was able to approach them whilst waiting for the tyres to feel right.

Following behind I was able to wait for the right moment and as they battled they both went wide at the 180 near the podium, I took my chance and used the extra front end that the ALS-R gives to take a sharp line towards the apex in an attempt to pass them. It did it's job and I was able to slot in and pass both of them to get ahead. I was just pleased that the tyres had warmed up as the rear end was still a little loose but I was able to hold it.

I then set on to chase the leader, I was able to get a good regular lap time on this carpet, but the front end could still dig in and slide out the rear I went in too aggressively. I managed to catch up to the leader, and then at the same 180 degree I took advantage and slid the car inside when they went wide to take the lead. I managed to then keep the car running steady to hold onto the lead and take the win.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the shell. It will not be my regular race shell as it feels too unbalanced for this, but it is an option in the rare occasion that I want that extra front end bite.
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