TheRcRacer Tamiya TRF419X chassis stiffener deck

Judging by the feedback I have been getting, a fair few people have been running the torque link. So I thought it would be interesting to s...

Judging by the feedback I have been getting, a fair few people have been running the torque link. So I thought it would be interesting to see if something more solid such as a chassis stiffener would work.

So here is a TRF419X chassis stiffener. It is essentially a 3mm thick carbon post that you can screw on to stiffen the chassis when you have too much flex. 

This is not going to be much use for Tarmac / Asphalt but on high grip carpet this should help the car feel more exact in the corners.

Fitting the Chassis Stiffener

You attach it to the steering servo mount. You can either use a nut to fix it on, or use the aerial mount to hold it in place.
The third deck
Then place a 0.75mm shim between the deck and the motor mount and either use a button head screw to fix it from above. (Note you can use your hex driver through the hole on the top deck to tighten the screw.
The screw from the bottom give a little more steering
The other way is to use a machine screw to fix it from the bottom and use a nut to hold it all in place.
You can mount other spacers and screws to change the flex characteristics
As you can see there are a range of fittings that can change the flex characteristics. I find that the front one is really effective to make the steering feel very direct, The rear one doesn't make much difference on it's own, but when mounted with the other inner mount it makes the whole chassis very stiff.

As this acts like a centre deck for the car. When assembling it, put the chassis on a flat surface to ensure you do not get any tweak.

Chassis stiffening combinations.

There are now lots of things we can change to tune our cars.
When combined with the torque link mod, you can now have a range of different tuning options for high bite surfaces.

Purchasing the TRF419X Chassis stiffener Deck

TRF419X items that we have designed are now available to order directly from Fibrelyte here : (The RC Racer TRF419X items)

Email sales@fibre-lyte.co.uk

If you put this in the title 'TheRcRacer TRF419X Chassis stiffener Deck' (Time of writing the costs are approx £3.50)

You can list the parts you are after and will need to give your address so they can calculate the postage and send you a paypal payment request.


These are for fellow TRF racers, I am not taking anything for these, they are a thank you for all of the people who have helped follow this site. You simply pay for the cost of the manufacturing the parts, there is no middle man. The cost the centre deck is approx £3.50 (not including shipping).

Making your own

Here is a template. 

It has a scale indicator so you can measure it up. (the centre point of the holes are 66.3mm apart)

Disclaimer and thanks

These have been made as a contribution to the Tamiya racing community. There is no profit for myself and the parts can be ordered directly via Fibrelyte. These are just a tuning aid, I found them to work well, as has others who have tested these parts. Every track / driving style is different so do not expect a golden bullet.

Thanks to Daniel Booker and Florian Joos and the other drivers that have given me some feedback,

As mentioned before, these are a community project which I have invested in designing and manufacturing for my fellow racers, so please let's share feedback and set-ups and I can try to refine or design other parts in the future :)

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