42311 Tamiya TRF419X WS Close up and Part Numbers

The Tamiya TRF419X WS is now available. Fundamentally the kit is a TRF419X that we reviewed in detail here . Importantly this World Spec ...

The Tamiya TRF419X WS is now available. Fundamentally the kit is a TRF419X that we reviewed in detail here. Importantly this World Spec version also includes an extra lower aluminium deck and thinner carbon upper `deck to give you a complete range of tuning options to allow you to run on high grip carpet to low grip asphalt. So lets take a closer look in the box at these new parts.

As you would expect the contents are just the same as the standard TRF419X, and the manual and stickers are for the TRF419X kit. Only the outer box tag, the new chassis plates and a parts supplement sheet are different.

The 2.15mm Carbon deck is exactly the same as the one included in the TRF419X kit. Here you can see that it weighs 68.6g. This offers a lot of flex and I have found it to work well on most surfaces.

The new aluminium deck is 2mm thick and it has the same width as the carbon chassis. It weighs approx 27g more and it feels very stiff. This will be a godsend for those racers who find themselves running on the high grip black carpet tracks.

The new 1.75mm upper deck is very flexible as you would imagine, and it has the same shape as the original TRF419X deck. It weighs a little less than the standard upper deck

The original upper deck is also included, it is not recommended for the aluminium chassis as it may make the whole car too stiff, although I am sure it could be useful, especially for those last few clubs that race foams on their TC's

Importantly here are the new part numbers for the Upper and lower deck so us TRF419X runners can order them from our local Tamiya stockist.
  • 13450822 Lower Deck (Aluminium)
  • 13404068 Upper Deck (1.75mm thickness)
Thanks to Florian and David Joos for the pictures. We will be testing the new chassis plates and will post a report soon. Importantly, this kit is the same price as the TRF419X and it comes with more parts that could make this the ultimate kit for a TRF racer.
TRF419XWS 2150847667753749405

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