Iconic cup 2017 R4 West London Andy Travis Race Report

The final round of the 2017 Iconic cup took us to WestLondon on the 18 th June. Although it has the nickname of ‘Wet London’ due to t...

The final round of the 2017 Iconic cup took us to WestLondon on the 18th June. Although it has the nickname of ‘Wet London’ due to the fact is usually rains when a big event is at the track. We were greeted with the opposite for the weekend, it was in the middle of a heat wave. The ambient temperature was around 32degC, if not higher! Thankfully, I brought my gazebo, so was able to stay in the shade for the day


As I won the 3rd round at Broxtowe & sealed the championship, I was under no pressure at this final event. However, I really enjoy West London, I consider it one of my favourite circuits in the country so I wanted to race as hard as I have all season. If I could get a win, it would be a clean sweep of the championship, will do nothing for the points but the kudos would be huge!!

We had an hour of open practice. With so many different cars & different speeds on the track at the same time. Trouble usually happens, so it’s best to take your time & not drive like a maniac. I went out quite late in the session, this was a wise move as only a few cars were on the track, and most were 4wd stock. I left the car with the same setup as Broxtowe, so just drove around & looked to change setup if needed.

As I had soft shock oil in the front, the front end was tucking in when I turned the car making it a handful but could still drive it around the circuit

I changed the front shock oil, reduced the overall camber & reduced the front toe angle & was ready to hit round 1


We had around 80 entrants for the day. This was set into 11 heats, I car seeded as car 1 in heat 11 due to my championship position.

I started round 1 with a confident pace. The car was circulating well, but was dropping off after a few laps. I put this down to additive prep. The grip was reducing & had a half spin towards the end of the run. It was enough to set TQ in round 1, but I suspected that time will be beaten later on
I felt the car was understeering due to the hit, I wondered if the front end was too soft. I went to a stiffer front spring & went for round 2

This proved to be the wrong choice as the car was under-steering even worse! As the car was pushing out, I clipped a kerb mid run, sending the car onto its roof. As the car was worse to drive & I lost a lot of time, I decided to pull over to save tyres. The 2 cars behind me did the same thing due to various reasons.

I swapped the springs back & used thicker damper oil all round to reduce the under steer for round 3

We set off & the car felt better. However, car 2 was a lot faster & had to let him pass during the run. He now set the TQ time, over a second faster than my round 1 time

For round 4, I changed my additive prep & fitted a bigger pinion gear as car 2 was much faster down the straight. My car was a lot better & was able to improve my time. I passed car 2 & knew my time would be quick. However, the time car 2 set in round 3 was very quick too. He out qualified me by 0.05 seconds over 5 minutes! It was nice to see the stock class is very close & didn’t feel bad that I qualified in 2nd place with that time


I have considered myself a better racer than a qualifier. I reset all the cambers, checked the car over & hoped to give car 1 a good run in the final

The start tone went we all pulled away cleanly. I felt I was faster than car 1, but I had to look for an error to make a clean pass. After a few laps, car 1 came onto the straight sideways & I got tangled with his spin. I recovered better than him & was able to continue the race. Unfortunately, car 5 got past us & I rejoined the race in 2nd place. I had to push hard to catch car 5. Once I got to the back him, I was in the same position where I had to force the lead car into an error.

After a couple of laps, he clipped a kerb & rolled the car, gifting me the lead. After that, I had a nice gap & had to concentrate on finishing the run in 1st place. Towards the end, I rolled the car in the same place as car 5, but landed on its wheels & lost a lot of time. I was still in the lead, so just pushed on to in the race. I crossed the line to claim victory with a few seconds gap from 2nd place
John Weston presenting the Championship trophy to me.

Although I qualified in 2nd place, I knew I had the pace to take the fight for the lead. It was a little scrappy, but nothing was unfair & no dirty driving was involved. This was the 4th win of the championship & had a clean sweep of finals.
All the championship winners. From left to right: Jakub Plechac (GT), Jason Petch (F1). John Weston (Iconic rc), Andy Travis (Stock), Adam Burgess (M chassis) and Aaron Birkin (FWD)
I am already looking towards the 2018 championship. I haven’t decided on what car/ class I will race as there will be some minor tweaks to the rules. I will await the final rules before I make a decision. Whatever happens, I suspect it will be another fun season!

Thanks to John Weston & Vanessa Andrews for the additional pictures 
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