Florian Joos Dutch Nationals TRF419X WS Mod and Stock setups.

Florian participated at the Dutch nationals this weekend at the RC Hotwheels track in Deventer . He was running the Tamiya TRF419X in b...

Florian participated at the Dutch nationals this weekend at the RC Hotwheels track in Deventer. He was running the Tamiya TRF419X in both Mod and stock.

The grip was low at the track which proved a bit of a challenge. I experimented a bit more with droop. In the end I kept 5 front and 4 rear. The car was a bit faster to drive in these low grip conditions.

He took a Q2 in both stock and mod. Although because of a technical infringement he was set back 5 seconds in qualifying and took P4 in stock.
The Bittydesign Striker is Florians favourite shell.
Despite some hard racing with all of the competitors he still maintainedthe second spot in the Mod finals and the fourth spot in the Stock finals.

Running some new option parts
In stock we experimented with a different setting which gives them more steering. Florian experimented with positive expo on the steering (he uses it as well on the throttle in stock) and kept 75%. He felt it gave the car a faster transition.
Top3 Mod racers
I’ve attached the setup sheets. Perhaps you should give it a try as well. On this technical track I put his dampers on position 3 which gave a bit more initial steer. I omitted the front 20 grams of weight but added 15 grams in the middle of the chassis. This gave a bit less initial steer, but more mid corner.

MOD setup

STOCK set-up

Thanks to David Joos (The mechanic) for the reports :)
TRF419XWS 6023503784584501916

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