RugRacers 2017-2018 Round 3

Sunday 10th December saw round 3 of the RugRacers 2017/18 race series take place at Wodson Park. With severe weather warnings in place, som...

Sunday 10th December saw round 3 of the RugRacers 2017/18 race series take place at Wodson Park. With severe weather warnings in place, some racers chose not to make the journey to a heavy snow covered Hertfordshire. The 44 drivers that braved the conditions were greeted by one of the best track layouts the RugRacer team have ever set out.

Gt12 saw Mick “marmite” Cook, James “RcVision” Vincent and the young gun Darcie Smith top the qualifying in heat 1.

Heat 2 was business as usual for Owen Smith, taking top spot in all his qualifying runs, with Carl “chicken” Beecroft snapping at his heels and nick “smooth” Upton lurking just behind.
Heat three saw all 11 trucks together. There was a gentlemanly aura about the driving today, lots of laughing, and a fair amount of “fair” rubbing! Malc “slim” Hall and John “cage” Painter were running out in front, followed closely by “The Big Cheese” himself, Mark Burgess.
Tc blinky was split into 3 heats. Heat 4 saw GMCC’s own Vasiliy Simonov take all 4 Qualys with Richard “RichPaint/RDT Products” Thorpe in 2nd and Andrew Dawson and Tom Meakin swapping 3rd spot

Heat 5  saw Jack Day take 3 out 4 runs, with Mark “granddad” Young, Gareth “6K racing” Hollis and Jon “GMCC” Gray fighting behind

Heat 6 Billy “off road” Fletcher took 3 out of 4 top spots with Jakub Plechac taking 1 top spot and a mixture of drivers getting in on the higher places.


Gt12 B

Nigel Philpott took the 1st final from 2nd on the grid with Malcolm Norwood in 2nd and Christopher Seamen in 3rd. A special mention to Leon Bashford, a young driver getting better at each round and really enjoying his racing.

Nigel Philpott also took the 2nd final from Chris Seaman with Malcolm in 3rd

Overall winners

3rd, Malcolm Norwood. 1st, Nigel Philpott. 2nd Chris Seaman

GT12 A final

Having taken all 4 qualifying rounds, an unusual mistake saw Owen clip a marker and get collected by the cars behind. Still managed to finish 3rd with Carl Beecroft taking the win and
Nick Upton cruising home in 2nd
The 2nd final was business as usual win Owen finishing in top spot with 24/ 305.76 Carl 23/ 307.74 followed closely by Nick 23/ 310.19

Overall Winners

3rd, Nick Upton. 1st, Carl Beecroft. 2nd, Owen Smith

Tamiya Trucks Final

Trucks saw some close racing at the top with Malc finishing some 6 seconds in front of John, followed by The big Cheese albeit a lap down in the first leg.

The second final was the same at the top but closer this time with the gap between Malc and John being under 4secs.

Unfortunately for the Big Cheese, lap12 he was collected by a backmarker, I managed to slip through into 3rd and stay there. Tony Gomez was reeling me in and a nervous few laps saw him finish just 2 secs behind me.

Overall Winners

3rd, Snippy. 1st, Malc Hall. 2nd, John Painter

TC B final 

In leg 1 there were 12 secs separating the top 3 of Jon Gray 23/ 300.55 Gareth Hollis 23/ 307.9 and Mark Young 23/ 312.98
Leg 2 saw the top three change to give Mark top spot 23/305.69 Gareth Hollis 22/ 303.45 and Jon Gray 22/ 306.7

Overall winners

3rd, Mark Young. 1st, Jon Gray. 2nd, Gareth Hollis

TC A final

In leg 1 Billy Fletcher took the win from pole with Dani Young moving up from 4th on the grid to take 2nd with 24/309.80 and Jacub Plenchac 3rd with 24/ 309.81 close enough!

In the second final Billy Fletcher again took the win from pole but this time Jakub took 2nd from 3rd on the grid and Dani took 4th. Again another super close finish between 2nd and 3rd  with 24/ 304.16 and 24/ 304.52 respectively.

Overall Winners

3rd, Dani Young. 1st, Billy Fletcher. 2nd, Jakub Plechac
Many thanks to all our sponsors, the RugRacer Team and most of all to you the racers for making this series what it is:

  • Mardave
  • Schumacher
  • Active Scale Models
  • CML
  • MoodyFools
  • Zen Racing
  • 6k Racing
  • Radio Control Car Racer
  • London Carriage Craft
  • Shy Studios

For all further information head over to the Facebook page where you will find links to all the finals videos.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rugracers/

Next round is January 21st 2018
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. See you all soon.

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