Florian Joos Xray T4 2018 EWS Race report and Set up

Last Sunday, my dad and I travelled to Thundersley to participate in Round 5 of the Essex Winter Series . The EWS is a brilliant rac...

Last Sunday, my dad and I travelled to Thundersley to participate in Round 5 of the Essex Winter Series.
The EWS is a brilliant racing series and is run on ETS carpet. Spec tires are Sweep.

What I really love is the great track layout. You can compare their layout with the one in Longwy, which is also top notch.There are no corner markers, just curbstones that you can actually use.

We left at 2am to catch the tunnel at 4.45am. We arrived at 6.30am at the track (Thundersley is only an hour’s drive from Folkestone).

The track opened at 7, so we were right on time.

As is the case for quite a few events I was going to run in both Stock and Modified classes with my Xray T4 18. Both present different challenges and it provides a lot of learning experience to find the different parameters of the chassis. 

The racing format is a bit different, with 1 round of practice, 4 rounds of qualifying and only 1 final. There is no “balls-out” racing in the finals, so everyone is a bit more cautious.

In stock I had a good first run, but down on power. For the second run, my dad increased the timing on the motor to 60°, which was a bit too much, as while leading, the ESC went into thermal protection.

Someone lent me another motor for Q3 onwards and I managed to get a p14 and a p15 to give me a P18 qualifying position. In the final, which you can see here

In the final I finished in P16.

Here is my Stock Set-up

Mod Racing

Mod went also quite well. I even had a P9, but my car was much better in Q3 and Q4. Unfortunately I suffered from grip roll in Q3 while leading and the marshall put me on the wrong side of the track. I gained an advantage and told the race director afterwards. In Q4 one of my shorted servo wires had a bad connection and I lost steering at the end of the straight. I thus qualified in P12.

In the final I had a power slide on the tape on lap 2 and lost a position. Afterwards I had a nice battle with Brian Eldridge and Jon Seals but had to settle for P12 overall. Check out the video

Here is my Mod Set-up

Overall it was a great days racing and it was worth the trip for such a great day out. We came back at 11pm, and my day ended like it started, sleeping in the car J

Thanks to all my sponsors for helping me out with this great hobby

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  1. Dang, I'm glad to hear that you are being sponsored so well, but I am sad to see that you are no longer using your TRF. :(

    1. There are still a lot of contributors for this site that are using the TRF cars such as Christian Donath, Marton Toth and TheRCRacer himself.



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