Yokomo BD9 first Photos and detailed info

Yokomo has provided some photos of their new 2019 challenger. The Yokomo BD9 goes back to the more conventional spur / upper deck design ...

Yokomo has provided some photos of their new 2019 challenger. The Yokomo BD9 goes back to the more conventional spur / upper deck design which was last seen on the BD7 (And most other Touring cars).

The large 40t pulleys are included, ball raced roll bars, servo mount, bumper, upper bulkheads and camber link plates, lower profile shocks and towers and lots of new plastics such as front hubs etc.

Check out the photos and info here:

Here is the initial product info.

The all new BD9 has redesigned all of the drivetrain and suspension system, and newly designed more than 90% of the components by thorough practical test at the several race at multiple type of track surface condition. Moreover, we reviewed the material and designed it with new shape, and
gained the best advanced performance that promises reliable operation when driving in the extreme state during the race.

  • Newly designed aluminum left-right connected center bulkhead 
  • Newly designed aluminum narrow bulkhead (18 mm width) 
  • New design New material Carbon graphite made main chassis 
  • New design center backbone system 
  • Newly designed aluminum bell crank 
  • New design New material adopted F / R long Lower suspension arm 
  • New design New material adopted Carbon graphite made F steering block 
  • New design New material adopted Carbon graphite made F / R hub carrier 
  • New design Aluminum servo mount 
  • New design Bearing supported stabilizer 
  • New design Compact / lightweight gear differential (38T) 
  • New design Center pulley (20T) 
  • new design W joint Universal 
  • newly designed one-touch battery holder (glass tape unnecessary) 
  • the bulk head up and down and the aluminum / steel screws of the two that came in for the upper deck 
  • aluminum turn buckle standard 
A carbon graphite roll plate is newly adopted that controls the chassis roll accurately and controls the chassis behavior at cornering.

Rear carbon stiffener

In addition, the new shock absorber is the kit standard which is Big Bore Ultra Short Shock dedicated to BD9 produced by collaboration with AXON inc. The biggest feature of BD9 is that it is a machine that everyone can enjoy the race activities at the highest levels, above all, it has a high-class basic design eliminating difficult behavior and more less running cost

The fixing of the battery is not a glass tape stopper that affects the twist of the chassis, but it is a battery holder system that can float to a certain extent. It is also possible to prevent the battery from falling off, saving you the trouble of replacing.
Flex battery retention

By narrowing the width of the bulkhead, supple flexibility that made use of chassis flex became possible. It is easy to fit various road conditions, realizing high traction. In addition, screws that fix the upper and lower bulkhead and upper deck are bundled with two types of aluminum and steel, and it is possible to change the flex by selecting according to the situation.
Super Low profile shocks

To support high power and flex chassis, the center pulley was supported and supported side to side, and adopted a design that enables symmetrical fixation to the chassis together with the motor mount was adopted, and driving efficiency was improved. It is also possible to fix the center bulk and the post which also serves as the battery stopper with the upper deck by adding a spacer, so you can also adjust the front and rear flex balance.
Centre links (Deck or Turnbuckle)
By carefully examining every single material you use, parts that realize high breakage resistance will enhance survival performance in intense races. It also leads to a reduction in running costs, allowing users of various levels to enjoy more RC races. Especially the front and rear suspension arms that are worried about breakage fulfill the improvement of rigidity while maintaining the running performance and are greatly enhancing crash resistance.

Source https://teamyokomo.com/
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