TheRcRacer Tamiya M03 / FF02 Servo Brace

Here is another new part for the classic Tamiya M03 / FF02 chassis. The servo brace is made from 2mm carbon fibre and stops the chassis b...

Here is another new part for the classic Tamiya M03 / FF02 chassis. The servo brace is made from 2mm carbon fibre and stops the chassis brace at the top twisting under load. Why is this important? Well if you have a collision the servo that is mounted at the top will move and it will push the turnbuckles too far and crack the steering uprights, and also damage the servo saver.

This is one of the most requested retro racing parts I've been asked about, and after testing it out I can see why fellow racers would require it. I have a few different versions to test but the final one is now ready and available through Fibre lyte.

After a lot of test runs, and even some unexpected crash tests (Ahem). The M03 is still running well. The tighter chassis mount also provides a little more direct feel for the car when entering the corner and hitting the apex.

The part is simple to install, you just need to remove the screws holding in the servo, slide the brace over (Its a nice snug fit). Thread the screws back through the holes and tighten it down. You can replace the screws with 3x12mm ones if you want to compensate for the brace, although I have had no issues just running the standard screws.

This brace, along with the front and rear ones (Link Here)  should ensure that all you retro racers should get more years out of these classic chassis :)

The parts are available direct here : http://www.fibre-lyte.co.uk/

Email  sales@fibre-lyte.co.uk

If you put this in the title 'TheRcRacer M03 FF02 Servo Brace'

You can list the parts you are after and will need to give your address so they can calculate the postage and send you a paypal payment request.

These are for fellow Tamiya racers, these do not provide any profit for me, they are a thank you for all of the people who have helped follow this site. You simply pay for the cost of the manufactured parts, there is no middle man.

Disclaimer and thanks

These have been made as a contribution to the Tamiya racing community. There is no profit for myself and the parts can be ordered directly via Fibrelyte. These are just a tuning aid, I found them to work well, as has others who have tested parts. Every track / driving style is different so do  not expect a golden bullet.

Thanks to Ian Harris for the measurements and feedback, and also to Steve at Fibre-Lyte who helped me with some of the initial drawings.

As mentioned before, these are a community project which I have invested in designing and manufacturing for my fellow racers, so please let's share feedback and set-ups and I can try to refine or design other parts in the future :)
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