TheRcRacer TRF419XR backbone stiffeners

I've really enjoy racing my Tamiya TRF419XR. However like all racers I always want to see if I can improve on the chassis to help k...

I've really enjoy racing my Tamiya TRF419XR. However like all racers I always want to see if I can improve on the chassis to help keep that winning edge.

After speaking to fellow Tamiya Racer Dan Booker we developed a new evolution of the Rear brace that we ran on the TRF419X,  This part changes the rear flex properties of the chassis improving stability and corner speed

Attaching the part.

There are currently two versions, both change the flex characteristics slightly. I have made both versions available so that you can try them yourselves at your tracks with your settings and let me know which ones you prefer.
The three mounting holes, left, centre and Right.
To fit the braces, you have three screw holes that are used to mount it.  The Centre one is near the middle belt but you just need to use a low 3mm nut and a short screw and you will be fine.

The left side is attached under the battery mount, (it has the correct holes etc to hold it straight.

The right side just needs a nut to hold in the screw. I used some of the Tamiya 54155 low aluminium nuts. The TRF419XR mount still fits, although it is a close fit. If you use standard thin 3mm non locking nuts there will be no issue if you want the fan straight. (Although you should, angle it down to the motor).

Tuning the flex. 

Adding and removing the centre screw does affect the stiffness of the rear, so you can add it and remove it to your preference.
Two are available for you to try


Here is my current set-up with the Backbone stiffener for high grip carpet and Volante tyres.

Buying the towers

You can purchase these parts direct from Fibrelyte here, at the time of writing they are approx £5 each. (Buy here) 

They ship internationally.

Disclaimer and thanks

These are a R&D part for fellow racers, no monies are going to me, they are sold to you at cost. They are a contribution to the Tamiya TRF racing community. These are just a tuning aid, Some may find them to work well, others may not. Every track / driving style is different so do not expect a golden bullet. At the moment it has only been tested on carpet thanks to the UK weather.

Thanks to the drivers that have given me feedback on this and other projects. Also to Steve at Fibre-Lyte who helped me with some of the initial drawings.

As mentioned before, these are a community project which I have invested in designing and manufacturing for my fellow racers, so please let's share feedback and set-ups and I can try to refine or design other parts in the future :)
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