Tamiya at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019 photos and information

Here is our look at the RC models on the Tamiya stand at the 2019 Toy fair. As you would expect from Tamiya there is a wide range of releases for all sorts of RC enthusiast. More photos may appear later so check back, and we will hopefully have some video from the event itself via our Facebook page (Click Here).

58667 Audi Quattro Rally (TT02)

Tamiya first released a model based on the Audi Quattro in 1983, however it was not a scale bodyshell, but a wide comic rally style, housed on a lengthened wild willy chassis. The new release comes on the versatile TT02 chassis.

The detail of the shell is great, you can fit font and rear lights.

I'm a big fan of rally and it is becoming more popular as a RC class again, with the Yaris and now this Quattro, I hope Tamiya keep releasing more rally cars.

The bodyshell will be released separately at around the same time as the kit.

84436 M-07R Chassis Kit

The M07 has breathed a new life into stock racing. It is cheap and well spec'd and clubs that are running them in a one make class are reporting great numbers.

The M-07R comes with a large amount of hop-ups in the kit. The battery mounts are unique to the M-07R and may not become available separately

Here is the spec list for the Model. If the price is right this could be a fantastic kit.

56360 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter 750 6×4 Timber

A new Truck model. The FH16 was released in 2012 and now all of you big rig lovers can have a 1/14 scale version. The detail on this kit is fantastic.

Tamiya has not released the Volvo FH16 as a std cab (Although I am sure that will come at some point), instead the first release is as Timber truck.
Got wood?

The side indicators can all have LED's mounted in them
I want a truck!

The cockpit, and the papercraft logs that come in the box.

Some new accessories for Tamiya truckers including the aluminium shift servo horn.

58668 VW Type 2 (T1) (M-06)

Behold! Anyone that frequents any Tamiya forum will know that there has been a demand for this iconic VW for some time.

The M06-L has a near perfect wheelbase for a true 1/10 scale representation of this classic cruiser. This kit is going to be very popular with RC fans and VW enthusiasts alike.

The shell will be available separately.

58666 Comical Hornet (WR-02CB)

The comical Grasshopper has been a smash hit, and already we have the Comical Hornet.

The great thing about these comical versions is that they come on the WR-02CB chassis, which makes them a better handling chassis than the originals.

58664 Ford Mustang GT4 (TT-02)

The Ford Mustang GT4 is a beauty. The body sits nice and low on the TT02 and I want to try it on the track at my next Tamiya race.

56043 M551 Sheridan w/ Option Kit

One day I'm going to get a Tamiya Tank. M551 Sheridan is a light tank that was used by the US Army from 1966-1996.
Tamiya Tanks are very intricate, I wonder if I would have enough patience to build them.

The kit comes with lots of alloy parts.

47402 Lunch Box Red Edition

The Lunchbox is a perennial favourite, now you can buy a version that has a red moulded shell... not yellow..although the yellow one is actually white as its comes unpainted. The red Lunchbox also comes with fancy red wheels and an alternative colour scheme for the decals.

47394 Mountain Rider

Another classic that has been re-re-released again.

The metal chassis is an engineering marvel. The three speed transmission offers both 4WD and 2WD gears.
The Mountain Rider along with the Bruiser are pretty much the holy grail for Tamiya RC kit enthusiasts.

47392 P34 1977 Monaco Special Edition

Just look at that. The TRF103 is one of the best F1 chassis out there for competitive racing, but it is great to have this legendary kit available again. I prefer the lexan version of the shell over the older version, it just looks sharper to me.

This release comes with the body already painted so you just need to add the decals :)

58670 Citroen 2CV Rally (M-05RA)

People actually raced these across the desert in the Dakar Rally!

Although when you think about it, the 2CV was easy to work on and nearly indestructible. Much like the M-05 chassis that is under the hood of this new Tamiya release.
Jumptastic Jay, or crazy Jay?

47397 HKS Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01E)

A classic shell get re-released on the TT01-E chassis. Check out those rims :)


Fantastic news for all of the TT02 racers. The 54874 Adjustable upper arm set from the TT02-RR will be available to purchase from March. These will be a great upgrade for standard TT02 racers as they will allow you to adjust the camber at the front and the rear of your car. (Note These will not work on the TT02-Type S).

54875 is the big one for me. Oil filled Gear differentials for all of the TT02 (And TT01/E) racers out there. This is a Hop-up that I have been waiting for and I cannot wait to try them out.  

POM spacers, Servo step screws (Yay!) and a servo saver cap. The servo screws will be mine.

Saving the best till last.. it is time to stop playing with your Willy. Tamiya has a new driver set available. You can configure the driver with different helmets, facial features and even adjust the hands so they can be driving a car or a trike etc.

Other stuff

Here are some pics of the Tamiya brochure at the Model show.

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