First Look Tamiya TRF420 chassis Pictures

Here are the first high res cad pics of the Tamiya TRF420. ( Lots of detailed info here Click me ) Looking great! More detailed...

Here are the first high res cad pics of the Tamiya TRF420. (Lots of detailed info here Click me ) Looking great!

More detailed photos soon

1/10 R/C TRF420 Chassis Kit

Tamiya is delighted to present an eagerly awaited new TRF touring car chassis – the TRF420!

Our design team have come up with a host of brand new parts designs that ensure this racing chassis takes the TRF Series of products to a different level.

Get your hands on the TRF420 and get racing!

About the Model

  • This is a 1/10 scale 4WD R/C touring car chassis model assembly kit.
  • 2 belt-driven 4WD drivetrain utilizes rear gear differential and front/center direct pulley. New gear diff pulley and case parts not only provide a weight savings of 1.5g, but also promise even less oil leakage.
  • Front direct pulley and direct holder are an integrated plastic part for a weight savings of 2g compared to separate parts used on previous chassis. Direct cups are screw-attached, allowing their replacement without the need to remove the direct pulley component.
  • New double cardan universal shafts bring stable corners and next-level speed.
  • Employs a carbon fiber double-deck frame (2mm thickness upper and 2.25mm lower decks) for just the right balance of flex characteristics.
  • Features brand new designs for suspension arms, which use bushing inserts to allow different lever ratios. Rear arms are 3mm offset to the rear, allowing a shorter lower deck and increased traction.
  • The new adjustable suspension mounts and plastic bushings are employed – changing the bushings allows a huge range of toe, roll center and caster angle settings.
  • An updated steering linkage is now paired with a new steering pivot component, for easy tweaks to the
  • steering setup.
  • Bearing holders (on gear diff and front direct pulley) were redesigned to provide even more precise location and a super-smooth drivetrain.
  • The bumper design has been altered so as not to impact upon the chassis' roll characteristics.
  • New body mounts are 2mm offset; change their attachment position for different body mount location and fine tuning of your car's center of balance.
  • Lightweight wheel axles weigh approximately 1.5g less than predecessors and allow a choice between clip or grub screw fastening.
  • Suspension shafts are durable stainless steel. At 3mm in diameter, they are thicker than 2.6mm parts on previous chassis for a sturdier suspension setup. They have a continuous groove for easier grub screw attachment.
  • New 2-part front upright designs utilize separate arm and bearing housing components.
  • New rear uprights are redesigned for use with 3mm diameter shafts.
  • New front hub carriers have been revised specifically for this chassis, with greater resistance to shocks and crashes. They are also compatible with 3mm diameter shafts. Upper and lower flanged tubes are now identical.

Source (Tamiya.com)

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